Japanese toy factory rubs Trump's visit to Japan and launches Trump mask

by:Ennas      2022-01-07
Original title: Japanese toy factories rush to Trump’s visit to Japan, expecting Trump’s masks to sell out [Global Network Comprehensive Report] Trump’s visit to Japan has become a major domestic event in Japan. Toy factories also want to keep up the heat and win high sales of their products. According to a report from Japan’s NHK television station on November 7, a toy manufacturer in Saitama City has produced a mask based on Trump. Trump’s mouth is open and his expression is vivid. Manufacturers hope to take advantage of Trump's visit to greatly increase sales of masks. Toy maker Ogawa Studio, located in Omiya District, Saitama City, Japan, is a company that manufactures and sells rubber masks based on politicians and celebrities.   Starting in May 2016, the company began manufacturing and selling masks based on Trump. After Trump won the election in January 2017, the sales of masks peaked, and so far they have sold more than 15,000.   Until today, the output of the mask has reached 40 per day. The manufacturer hopes that Trump’s visit to Japan will drive up the sales of Trump’s mask. A person in charge of the company expressed the hope that Trump’s visit to Japan can become a catalyst for people to use masks. The establishment of a more friendly relationship between Prime Minister Abe and President Trump can drive the sale of masks, which is beneficial to the company and at the same time. The state also has benefits. (Internship Compiler: Qu Tengfei Reviewer: Ma Li) Editor in Charge: Gui Qiang
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