Japanese netizens sun plasticine to make 'candy': 'bright blind' viewers' eyes

by:Ennas      2021-12-29
Chinanews.com, August 13th. Toys and candy have always been children's favorites, but some adults have also begun to join them with practical actions. Japanese netizens sun exotic sweets.    According to Japanese media reports, recently, there has been a craze for sun-dried sweets on Japanese social media, but it is not real sweets, but a special texture similar to plasticine (color clay). It is made of various materials, and all kinds of wonderful shapes have appeared on the stage, which simply brightens the eyes of the blind viewers.     Japanese netizens post wonderful works.   One of the most eye-catching lollipops is an uncle face lollipop, which looks a bit like Voldemort in the movie 'Harry Potter'. The producer even left a message afterwards to ask netizens if it looked like edible candy, but netizens confessed that they would not want to eat it in their mouths anyway.     Japanese netizens expose wonderful sweets.   In addition, there are more scary monster-shaped candies, and of course there are some cute animals. Sharers all look forward to showing their creativity through this, and many people hope to use this form to reduce their stress in their lives and add a touch of childlike color.
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