Japan's new toy robot 'Little Robbie'

by:Ennas      2021-12-13

The Japanese toy company Domi launched a new toy robot 'Little Robbie' at the Tokyo Robot Week Exhibition on the 15th. It can say about 1,000 short sentences and sing about 50 songs. 'Little Robbie' is about 20 cm tall, has a round head and big eyes, imitating the words and deeds of a 6-year-old child. The LED lights can emit 10 kinds of light in their eyes, which can be matched with hand and foot movements to represent different feelings. 'Little Robbie' is equipped with a voice recognition device and can talk to the owner. If you ask 'what time is itIt also talks to itself. If you ask it to sing a song, it will see whether it is in a good mood. If you are happy, it will invite you to sing together; if it is not happy, it will say: 'I am very busy now, I will talk about it later.' You can also ask about today's fortune, it will help you calculate and tell you the auspiciousness of the day What is the thing. The Japanese version of 'Little Robbie' is scheduled to be sold in Japan in January next year, each for 15,000 yen (approximately US$140); the Chinese version will be available in Hong Kong and Taiwan during the same period.
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