Jan Tilson's infinite reverie in the toy piano

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

The atmosphere of Yann Tiersen's scene is completely different from the movie 'Angel Emily' and 'Goodbye Lenin'. Those listeners who dragged their family and joined their girlfriends to the Pudong venue of the Summer Music Festival (MISA) on July 6th may find it a bit puzzled—because the five people on the stage do not look like they are making rules. The regular 'good' music, not only lacks the romance and freshness in the movie, but also appears particularly incomprehensible because of the jerky noise and rough electronic sound. When Uncle Blonde had to change positions for each piece of music, and when he picked up the violin, he only made a short noise. Many people in the audience might be completely lost at that time.   This is not his first time to perform in China. When he came to tour a few years ago, Tilson had already explained to everyone that he did not like the identity of a 'movie scorer'. 'Because I am not!' He told the 'China Business News' when the performance was over in the backstage. He had only composed music for three films in 15 years, and among them the album 'Angel Emily' was very popular. Only three are new works specifically for the film, and the rest are previous works. “I don’t like to give music too much meaning when creating, because if the initial meaning is less, the creative mind will be more open, but the audience will understand more charm and content. For example, you can easily learn from one Hearing a certain moving rhythm in the first heavy metal rock music resonates with the love deep in my heart.' He said, 'But for movies, it’s different. The director can choose the soundtrack, but the musicians have difficulty choosing what they want. The way I want to express it. This is why I don’t like soundtracks for movies.”    Many things are dumbfounding, even though Tilson has been well-known in the circle before he dabbled in movies, he is the talent for soundtracks. To earn him a real reputation. 'I accepted it first because the director was very friendly, and the film was really great. But I won't do it again.' Tilson said, 'Because it is very difficult, especially in France, where the film industry is more complicated than the music industry. Much, there will always be communication problems in many ways. I don’t speak the same language with them, which is too stressful for me, and I don’t like this.'  Listen to Yang Tilson’s music, always It makes people think that he should be a person who often goes to places like wonderland to find inspiration. But when you talk to him, you will realize that his creative thoughts are actually rules to follow. 'Actually, when I was young, I formed a rock band. That was the beginning of music creation. After the first album was completed, I needed to find inspiration on other instruments. That's why I started to create on the violin and toy piano, which also expressed The content of rock music.' He said when looking back on his musical history. After that, he returned to rock instruments and rediscovered the power of electric guitars. 'If you can listen to all my albums carefully, you will find that the use of plug-in instruments is gradually increasing.'    In the new album 'Infinite ()The style of fame has rebuilt a whole new world. The music continues to be filled with from the original sound to the electronic sound to the digital sound and finally back to the analog sound, and then again and again. They are very suitable for playing in stadiums or open-air venues. In order to promote this new album, Tilson opened a new round of world tour, Shanghai became one of the stops. The tracks in the entire performance are all from this album. In addition to English lyrics, there are also human voices sung in three languages, Breton, Faroe Islands, and Icelandic. These foreign riddle-like accents are accompanied by copper bells, drum beats, string strumming and mixed environmental sounds, creating an ethereal but thick scene. 'Midsummer Evening' (Midsummer Evening) has a wonderful and rich texture layer, which constitutes a sound landscape of electronic music mixed with environmental sound: starting from the uniform noise of toy instruments, the parts of string music are produced, and the sound is slow. Slowly cover up the previous noise. When the electronic sound was slowly introduced, a lyrical melody appeared, accompanied by bells, drums, and vocal chorus to a climax. 'Ar Maen Bihan' is a story written by Jan Tilson’s partner Emilie Quinquis in Breton, the French minority language. It starts with a copper bell from a distance, slowly infiltrates the electronic background sound, and then adds Vocal monologue.   But for those who are familiar with Tilson, the traces of 'Angel Emily' can still be found in the music that is very different from the 'Parisian style'. The appearance of mouth organs and toy pianos will always immediately turn the scene into a fairy tale look, just as a critic said: 'These new works start in a certain darkness, and then slowly move in a brighter and more positive direction. Develop.'    So does Tilson really have a wonderland in his heart? When asked this question, he leaned back in his chair, showing a very shy look, 'I don't know. I can't think about it, because it might ruin it.'
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