Jade high fraud means: quartzite turns emerald _ figurine skills after dyeing

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: want to what color, can use different chemical processing of liquids, it is not long ago CCTV reporter agate dyeing in xiamen east Po village survey questions. Local processors admits, 95% to want what color, can use different chemical processing of liquids, it is not so long ago CCTV reporter agate dyeing in xiamen east Po village survey questions. Local processors admitted that has done more than 95% of the agate bracelet chemical dyeing processing. In addition to the agate, many common jewelry is also dyed 'areas'. Recently, the reporter understands from city quality courtyard gemstone testing station, last year, in the public makes all kinds of jewelry, there are more than 300 dyeing problems, including jadeite, tourmaline, crystal, coral, red sapphire, etc. Besides agate, jade, red sapphire, etc. There are also 'dyeing' 'watch the news, also true to myself always wearing agate jewelry not trust, see if there are any problems. Gemstone testing stations in the city, 'liu told reporters carrying a bag of jewellery. After testing, liu agate no problem, just let him put the heart. 'Most natural agate is gray, and the agate bracelet on the market most of the color is gorgeous, is actually treated dyeing. 'Said testing station staff. However, since there is no corresponding 'gb', at present, dyeing agate has not been banned. 'Agate as the implicit crystal, internal structure, very sensitive, no professional means, average consumer is hard to distinguish whether the dyeing'. In addition to the agate, the reporter understands, jewelry and many common dyeing 'areas'. 'Inspector Chen Lizhu, said last year, only testing station to detect the dyeing problem of jewelry reached more than 300, including jadeite, tourmaline, crystal, pearl, coral, red sapphire, etc. 'Jade which is most common dyeing, 11 after the National Day last year, two weeks is tested by dyeing processing, shoddy jade containing more than 50. 'Chen Lizhu said. Put on dyeing 'ma3 jia3', problems of jewellery worth double colour and lustre is gorgeous jewelry chased by the market, as a result, businesses will spare no effort to through dyeing and other means of processing, to make them 'beautiful'. In dyeing 'ma3 jia3', and more values these jewels. Citizens last year, Mr. Chen in yunnan a jewelry firm bought a jade bracelet, too, had spent nearly one hundred thousand yuan. After the purchase, he felt the jadeite identification certificate of coarse, commissioned wenzhou quality gemstone testing stations for testing. After the examination, this bracelet for emerald substandard goods ( Commonly known as the 'B + C)' , it is through artificial bleaching, filling, dyeing processing. Value is only a few hundred dollars, compared with nearly 100000 yuan price, differ hundreds. Similarly, citizens weeks old man after follow the tour group from Shanghai to the suzhou tourism, via a jewelry city, after a turn touted by the clerk, he spent 17000 yuan to buy a few colour and lustre is gorgeous 'high-grade red sapphire'. After the jewelry stand testing, the so-called red for synthetic sapphire. The synthesis of red sapphire value generally will not exceed 2000 yuan. To this, weeks old man call cheated. Don't puzzled by colour and lustre, property and business agreement jewelry 'colour and lustre is good no jewelry, true and false judgement standard, now, for the majority of jewelry fraud phenomenon, need with the help of a professional instrument to judge them. 'Municipal quality testing experts said. So, how do you avoid buy jewelry 'dyeing'? To this, the expert reminds, when consumers buy jewelry, agreed to with meticulous dealer whose nature, as after the rights of the basis. Certificate, for example, to take a closer look at jewelry, look to whether have 'optimization', 'synthesis', 'dyeing' and other words, to the shop assistant repeatedly confirmed the identity of its natural jewelry and merchant's commitment to write into the shopping bills.
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