Jade carving art culture _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-30
Summary: the Chinese people are a nation of love the nature, the nature of some bamboo, wood, earth, love concentrated stone material such as loyalty, has long been evolved into the culture of the ancient and excellent people, while yuk-man are a nation of love the nature, the Chinese nation to nature of some bamboo, wood, earth, sincerity, love concentrated stone material such as long development became the culture of the ancient and excellent people, and the jade culture is one of the earliest. China's jade is in front of the seven thousand - year - old neolithic culture, in the river dawenkou culture, liangzhu culture, hongshan culture, longshan culture sites have carved jade unearthed. Jade was the beauty of nature stone, han xu shen said to the interpretation of 'the beauty of the stone is jade jade. Jade quality of a material is solid density, colour and lustre is glittering and translucent. Confucius said: water is pure as jade, cover the nut clean quality is too fine jade. The ancients compared jade is very fine and noble in the world, even 'personification, compare with the virtue of the gentleman, jade and with luck, insulation, decoration, and other functions, is a kind of desire of people to yearn for a better life. This yearning through jade culture incisively and vividly express, jade culture is the symbol of human civilization. Modern jade carving art is another peak since the tomb-sweeping day, jade with other gems cannot replace the connotation of the United States, have no gorgeous dazzling appearance, his deep and dignified, one thousand to deeply attracted a large number of Chinese people. From the jade carving is divided into three types, the first kind of style of the ancients, chow, the warring states and han dynasty, this kind of jade in decorative art of using saber and select material is almost completely similar shape; The second category of imitation Ming and qing style, most such works to bring creative sculpture, with traditional tomb-sweeping modelling and the art of using saber is thick ancient themes, line is fluent, looking like the Ming and qing dynasties; The third class in a whole new concept design, the work through the author's thought and personality, is a personal feelings. Some of the sculpture is a blend of western small sculptures of some techniques, exploring the abstract subjects, even with new look to show in front of people, from customers-want the jade carving works from the work of a single transition to more artistic charm, is the perfect combination of art and art, through the psychological shock to the person with the infection. Art needs to be the creator himself strong ego strength, art is the sublimation of life and summarized. A new generation of jade carving artist is trying to create the perfect jade carving works of art, one by one to meet the requirements of love jade people liked to collect. Era in the development of jade carving is a more modern aesthetic consciousness, believe that the dragon's nation will make the jade culture and art from generation to generation.
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