Jade carving animal figurines take you into the primitive society

by:Ennas      2021-09-25
Core tip: up and down in five thousand, the Chinese civilization of the image of the animal carvings, by the beginning of the neolithic age, the earliest can be traced back to ancient choose the material also is varied, the Chinese civilization had earthenware in five thousand, up and down of the image of the animal carvings, by the beginning of the neolithic age, the earliest can be traced back to ancient choose the material also is varied, with ceramic, stone, wood, ivory and so on. Found in henan earliest chahai about has a history of more than seven thousand years ago, in the historic stone is found in many animal model. Big to fierce animals such as tiger, small to cicada birds and other insects, all-encompassing, modelling is simplicity, even discovered the earliest of the image of the dragon god beast, such as stone. Farming civilization to promote development in the later period of new stone statue, ceramic sculpture has emerged many animals, in addition to the common livestock poultry such as pigs, sheep, chickens, and even rare turtle and elephants appear, look realistic, like live, the most typical is going to be the stone of the dogs and birds. They bowed their heads and foraging, looked up days, some hold back, and even a dog back just stood Shi Niao lifelike. Because of the late neolithic age, the industry got great development, the farming civilization began to appear, pigs, sheep, cattle, dogs and other animals are also beginning to a wide range of breeding, it create conditions for the creation of the figurines. Through long time observation and familiar with the animals living habits and morphological characteristics, use simple line is the outline of the vivid animal figurines. The characteristics of the statue and even in some big animal sculpture achieves a high artistic level, both in action and look more realistic. In these large animals as the prototype, fashioned out of a small statue was used in religious or ritual ceremony, and even appeared at the back of the shang and zhou bronze ritual vessels and the basis of a period of the pottery has obvious relationship. Pottery also gradually from the realm of realism in the late of sublimation, but there are still some original features of some animals, implements modelling more vivid and full of fun, make the watch it produces a wealth of lenovo, further to the abstract meaning. Which, of course, small animals are essential for a subject, in small animal figurines depicting the is exaggerated and full of life. Carved with jade as raw materials of animal figurines of primitive society, is also very much, some carving the modelling of Jackie chan, the modelling of some carved into a bird, the modelling of some carved turtle, the modelling of some fish carving. In a lot of historical sites can see their shadow, dragon and beast figurines, have the function of the religion and etiquette, and art to some extent reflects the primitive society and slave society between art deep roots.
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