It understands the difficulties of preschool education. The 2020CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition is here as scheduled

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, kindergartens and schools delayed the opening of classes, companies delayed the resumption of work, and blocked the upstream and downstream industrial chains, which seriously affected the healthy development of the educational toy industry. The entire preschool education industry was strongly impacted and profoundly affected, and procurement became a problem and development Planning has become a mystery, the future trend is unpredictable, and it is difficult to teach people in preschool, especially this year. If you are also facing these problems, then the good news is here! On October 21-23, 2020, the China International Preschool Education and Equipment Exhibition (CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition for short) hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association will open at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition understands the difficulties of preschool education! How to solve the procurement problem in the cold winter of the epidemic? Reliable The exhibition warmly guards the sudden epidemic that hits the entire industry. No one can take care of themselves. In order to solve the procurement needs of kindergartens, early education institutions, etc., CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition will strike out. Nearly 400 exhibitors will be gathered at the scene, and more than 900 exhibitors at home and abroad. Well-known preschool education brands, foreign brands include Lego Education, guide craft, Play-Doh, HABA, etc., domestic industry leaders such as Huasenwei, Qisehua, Yonglang, Kaiqi, Yucai, Kittel, Qiaoqiao, Yuhe, Baole, etc. Ye Hao and others will also be there. CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition has a full range of product categories, covering all types of preschool education, from hardware resources such as educational toys, furniture, amusement equipment, lawn mats, garden clothes and quilts, to preschool education courses, picture books, teacher training and other content products, covering all kindergartens The software and hardware system required for operation meets the differentiated needs of different markets, regions and audiences, provides the most intuitive latest product design and quality display, and meets the purchase needs of buyers. In the post-epidemic era, where should preschool educators go? The summit forum pointed out that the new crown turmoil has swept the world, and the preschool education industry will face major changes. How should preschool education people respond? This year's CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition will have two world-class industry events held at the same time. The answer may be there. First of all, the China Preschool Education Development Conference, the conference will strongly invite a number of industry leaders to attend, authoritatively interpret the hot issues of my country's preschool education, and analyze the current policies and development trends of my country's preschool education. The series of parallel forums will also conduct extensive discussions on hot issues in my country's preschool education, such as policy, childcare, STEAM education, children's sports, early reading, Chen Heqin's 'living education' concept, and quality education for children. Another event not to be missed is the 2020 Global Nursery Conference, which is guided by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, and is guided by the Nursery Circle, Little Delan’s Child-friendly Education, Child Need Model, Mom x Child Need Think Tank, Xiao Yutang , PiklerUSA (United States), ChildSpace (new), Beginning Well (Germany), will invite hundreds of international and domestic experts around the world, aiming to improve and share the scientific concepts and methods of early childhood education around the world, and recommend excellent brands and projects , To deliver higher quality courses, services, products and resources to children, families and early educators. With insufficient stamina, how to find economic growth points? Two-line linkage, new recruits for cross-border activities In addition to traditional conventions and exhibitions, this year CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition will also hold cross-border activities related to education: China Cultural Tourism Real Estate New Business Development Conference, the theme is 'IP+Parent-Child Education+A new spark of inspiration was collided, providing new ideas for the development of the preschool education industry. At the same time, with the help of the 365 cloud exhibition platform, we will launch a live show of preschool education masters, create an all-media interview room for the China Game Association, and link online and offline to comprehensively promote the healthy development of the entire preschool education industry chain and the integration and development of cross-industry industries. The pre-registration of the exhibition is now underway. Log in to the official website ( and click to register quickly. The green channel will go directly to the venue, connect with domestic and foreign brands, grasp the latest and hottest information in the industry, and get through the industry winter safely. There is no winter that cannot be overtaken. In this autumn when the haze is gone, the 2020CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition is dedicated to waiting for every kindergartener. The snow melted grass is green, and the epidemic spring has arrived!
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