It's another year of boat show, the local tyrants are going to change their toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-01
This year's London Boat Show has more than 100 exhibitors, providing yacht owners with many interesting leisure facilities. When the yacht is sailing in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, customers will no longer feel empty and bored.   The yacht devices that must be purchased this year include a high-performance personal speedboat with a maximum speed of 75 mph and a sneaker device that allows tourists to swim in the sea like a dolphin.     Seabob F5 S   If you dream of swimming like a fish, Seabob F5 S can help you realize your dream. It allows passengers to travel 131 feet below sea level at a speed of nearly 10 mph. It travels faster on the water surface, with a maximum height of 12.5 mph.  Passengers only need to manipulate Seabob’s direction and speed. If the visitor accidentally takes off the handle or the dive depth exceeds the limit value, this 7,800-pound device will automatically stop operating and float to the surface.   Seabob is powered by a high-energy lithium battery and has a battery life of 60 minutes.     Picture source: Cayago Seebob     Picture source: Cayago Seebob   Sea-Doo RXT-X 300   The personal speedboat is a signature facility of luxury yachts, and yacht passengers all over the world are looking for the latest and fastest speedboats.   When the super luxury yacht returns to the Mediterranean this spring, Sea-Doo's RXT-X 300 will undoubtedly become a popular attraction for yacht owners.   The highest speed of this speedboat is nearly 75 mph. It is equipped with a 300 horse supercharged Rotax engine, which has been redesigned and is the largest engine used in the Sea-Doo series of speedboats.   Sea-Doo's RXT-X 300 is priced at less than 16,000 pounds. It can take up to 3 people at the same time. It has a strong water-breaking capacity and allows tourists to wakeboard.     Picture source: Sea-Doo     Picture source: Sea-Doo   Tim Dutton amphibious vehicle    Tim Dutton began to develop this amphibious vehicle in 1989, during which it took one of them to cross the English Channel twice.  At this year's boat show, he showed two model cars, which can take passengers to almost any place they want to go.  2016 Dutton Reef is the first new amphibious car produced by Dutton in 14 years. This car is based on the Ford Fiesta MK8.   Buyers can choose to assemble it by themselves. The price of a set of cars after deducting value added tax is 8,990 pounds, and buyers can also choose to buy finished cars, priced at 18,958 pounds.     Picture source: Daily Mail   London Boat Show   On January 8, the annual London Boat Show officially opened. The opening exhibit was a luxury yacht Sunseeker 131 from the British Sunseeker International Yacht Company. The yacht is 131 feet long and sells for more than 16 million pounds. The three-story Sunseeker 131 is undoubtedly the largest, most expensive and most luxurious yacht at this boat show.   This yacht is so big that it can only be held in the London Docklands ribbon cutting ceremony. The actor Hugh Bonneville (Hugh Bonneville) and the gentleman band The Overtones appeared in 'Downton Abbey' to help out.   Sunseeker International Yacht Company stated that this 5-cabin yacht is very popular, and the first five yachts produced have been sold.   More than 90 yachts made their world, European or British debuts at this boat show. The current boat show ended on January 17.     Sunseeker 131 Image source: Internet     Interior view of the Sunseeker 131 restaurant Image source: Internet     London Boat Show 2016 Image source: Internet   (Translation: Han Hong)
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