It plans to invest 400 million US dollars in three years. The toy giant Lego will start using paper bags to eliminate plastic packaging in 2021.

by:Ennas      2021-11-03
In order to promote sustainable development and fulfill social responsibility, we encourage children to learn the environmental awareness of rational use of resources while playing. On September 15, the Lego Group announced that it plans to invest up to US$400 million in three years to further promote its sustainable development and social responsibility projects. The investment will include long-term investment projects and daily costs. In the past 10 years, the LEGO Group has taken a series of actions to create a better world for the next generation. At the same time, it believes that the development of priority environmental protection and social responsibility has become an urgent and important issue. In the next step, the Lego Group will begin to phase out the single-use plastic bags in Lego product packaging boxes and realize the use of sustainable materials for all packaging by 2025. In addition, further investments will be made in creating more sustainable products, achieving zero waste and carbon-neutral operations, recycling, and encouraging children to learn about sustainable development through play. Starting in 2021, recyclable paper bags certified by the Forest Stewardship Council will be tested in LEGO Group product boxes. Lego Group CEO Niels B Christiansen said: We have received many letters from children who are very concerned about environmental issues and want us to stop using single-use plastic packaging. We spent a while looking for alternative materials, and the children’s enthusiasm and ideas inspired us to start making changes. Removing disposable plastic bags from existing packaging is not a simple task, because the new materials must be durable, lightweight, and improve the building block experience. A series of sample packaging bags made of different sustainable materials have been tested by hundreds of parents and children. Among them, paper bags that are environmentally friendly and easy to open are very popular among children, and they will be tested in 2021. The Lego Group will continue to carry out sustainable materials projects, hiring more than 150 experts to develop sustainable products and packaging. The LEGO Group set a goal in 2015 to use sustainable materials for all its products by 2030. The group will expand the application of bio-based building block pellets (such as products derived from sugar cane), which currently account for nearly 2% of all pellets produced by the company. The Lego Group will continue to carry out research work, research new and more sustainable plastic materials from renewable and recyclable resources, and cooperate with research institutions and companies that develop new recyclable and bio-based material production technologies to find New materials that are as durable and high-quality as those used today. The investment in this plan includes two expenditures, involving the development of new sustainable materials and investment in manufacturing equipment. The Lego Group will achieve carbon neutrality in the manufacturing process in 2022. In order to achieve this goal, all the Lego Group factories will install more solar panels and supplement energy supply by purchasing renewable energy. The LEGO Group will further invest in improving energy use, such as installing new systems that use ambient air for cooling during the production of LEGO brick pellets. Improving waste treatment and reducing water consumption can further reduce the environmental impact of business operations. By 2025, the LEGO Group will not produce waste that needs to be landfilled; by 2022, the water consumption will be reduced by 10%.
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