iOS controlled robot toy

by:Ennas      2021-12-04

Lego lego is the leader in the field of building educational toys, and its Mindstorms series of intelligent robots are among the classics. Not only can the shape be DIY, but also specific actions can be designed through the programming host. The third-generation Mindstorms robot EV3 is more powerful, with a highly sensitive infrared sensor. By using Android or Apple mobile phones to expand the robot, the EV3 can make more actions. Lego releases a robot toy that supports iOS control [Picture] EV3 uses an ARM9 architecture processor and a Linux system. The core component is a rectangular block the size of a GameBoy. The whole is composed of more than 550 Lego bricks and supports Bluetooth function. The upgraded speaker and microphone Huaihai supports the man-machine exchange function, and still uses the USB interface, while supporting the SD memory card. EV3's programming kit better supports APP. Lego released a robot toy that supports iOS control [Picture] EV3 has as many as 17 appearance models, such as scorpions, lizards and other animals that look scary. The new version of the sensor can also allow EV3 to detect surrounding objects. The Lego Mindstorms series has been around for 20 years, and the intelligence of EV3 makes Lego fans even more irresistible. It can cultivate children's stronger hands-on ability and develop their brain potential.
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