Inventory of the world's 25 best inventions in 2015

by:Ennas      2021-12-31
Core reminder: They are about to change, and are even changing your life. In 2015, what new technological playthings appeared on this planet? **The new issue of 'Time' has selected 25 cool inventions that were born this year for us. They will change and even change yours. Life.  1 Microsoft Hololens     price undetermined   Virtual-reality headsets, like Oculus Rift, take you away from reality. An analogy: You can swim with dolphins and join the Battle of Waterloo. It can enhance the hologram to the existing environment, you see more than just the virtual world. This technology has been used by NASA for virtual exploration of Mars and has helped medical school students to plan the human body.  2 Underground park     price unknown   Dan Barasch and James Ramsey architects jointly created this park you have never seen before in an abandoned tram terminal in the Lower East Side of New York City: an acre of lush green space full of flowering plants. The key to it is the remote skylight system; the optical fiber cables in the ground collect sunlight and reflect it to the dome through beams to promote plant growth. Even forgotten places can be used by the public and become a great public place. Currently, this event has more than 3,300 supporters.  3 6SensorLabs protein sensor      sells for $119   In the United States, millions of people are allergic to grain protein, and they often have symptoms of allergies when eating out. It is hard to prevent. This protein sensor was launched this year. It can detect any food and drink in just two minutes. If the tested food (placed in a disposable container) is detected to contain grain protein, a wrinkle will appear on the device. Frowning face; otherwise, a smiling face appears. My original intention was to hope that people would not get sick when eating out, Shireen Yates, the inventor of this device, explained. The company also hopes to use it to detect other allergens, including peanuts and dairy products.  4 Doppler Bionic Ears      sells for US$249   In a noisy environment, you have two choices: plug your ears or leave. But what if you can isolate the harsh sound? Or just like you turn down the TV volume? New York based Doppler laboratory invented such earplugs. It is not like a hearing aid, which reduces all noise at one time and can be connected to a smartphone APP so that users can filter undesired sound frequencies. This means that when you are on a subway platform, you can't hear the sound of a train passing by, and you can't hear a baby crying on an airplane. The earplugs will be launched in December this year.  5 Eko Core Advanced Stethoscope     is priced at US$119.   This US$199 smart adapter can be connected to the stethoscope to collect heartbeat data and upload it to the cloud and download it to a smartphone. The synchronized APP can analyze the audio and compare it with previous recordings, which can help doctors find heart beat murmurs, heart valve abnormalities, etc.
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