Introduction of foam sculpture manufacturers: foam sculpture and its characteristics

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
Various sculptures can be seen everywhere in our lives. Among them, foam sculpture is a relatively common one. For foam sculpture, people may still have a little knowledge of it. Let me introduce you to foam sculpture and its characteristics. Introduction to Foam Sculpture Foam sculpture is a new type of composite material with strong plasticity, not only low price, but also high plasticity of the material. Foam sculptures are mostly made of polystyrene foam, that is, the material used for packaging home appliances, the difference is that the texture is different , The weight per unit volume used for packaging is lighter, while the weight used for sculpture is heavier. Many people call foam board, which is less dense in structure, has a higher recovery rate, and has an independent bubble structure. On the surface of the foam , The water absorption rate is very low, but the anti-permeability performance is good, and it is resistant to acid, alkali, oil, salt and other organic solvents. The foam will not melt at high temperatures, and the foam will not crack at low temperatures. The internal structure Very stable. Second, the characteristics of foam sculpture 1. The development and characteristics of exquisite ornamental sculptures are different in each country. The same is true for foam sculptures. This type of sculpture in China is inseparable from arts and crafts. Origin relationship, the source of this type of sculpture is arts and crafts, so people can find that many domestic works are not only vivid but also look very exquisite, and can be used as very unique decorations. 2. The origin of artistic and observable arts and crafts makes Domestic foam sculptures have been fully displayed in terms of facial expressions, and at the same time, people have also combined some other methods, including plain painting, into the production process of such works, so that they have the artistic sense and observability of paintings. 3. Social characteristics and new connotations From the perspective of the entire society, foam sculptures can convey the overall artistic taste and trends of this society, so people can feel the strong taste and taste of Chinese culture and art when they appreciate Chinese works. There are many image classifications of domestic works. With the development and progress of the times, new categories are constantly being enriched. At the same time, new processing methods are constantly presented. And the processing materials are also constantly enriched. In the past, bronze and Materials such as gold and silver are the main materials for making this sculpture, and now advanced technology has created new materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, which inject new elements and connotations into figure sculptures. The above content is the Beijing foam sculpture manufacturer The introduction you brought about foam sculpture and its characteristics, I hope it can help you.
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