Internet companies lay out the field of smart toys, and smart educational toys are popular

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

The net profit of the traditional toy industry has fallen sharply, and the profit prospects are worrying. Since 2011, with the development of Internet technology, computer and mobile games have attracted the attention of most children. Many parents said that children are more willing to play mobile games rather than toys . This phenomenon has also caused a certain impact on my country's traditional toy manufacturing industry. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2016, the number of loss-making companies in my country's toy manufacturing industry reached 128, with a loss of 479 million yuan. Many traditional toy manufacturers are facing a sharp decline in net profit and the problem of worrying profit prospects. Losses in my country’s toy manufacturing industry from 2011 to 2016-Number of enterprises above designated size: a loss-making enterprise: a loss amount: 100 million yuan in 2011 1172 131 6.23 2012 1231 132 4.3 2013 1291 124 4.63 2014 1410 144 5.28 2015 1526 132 6.29 2016 1559 128 4.79 Data source: National Bureau of Statistics Smart educational toys become new favorites Taking advantage of the new round of industrial winds in STEAM education, toy companies have achieved transformation and development. Educational toys, mainly based on puzzle series, comprehensive hands-on series, and three-dimensional assembly series, are becoming the new favorites in the children's toy market and are deeply loved by parents and children. These toys have several characteristics: novel shapes, interactive puzzles, and high technological content. Fancy the huge potential of the smart toy market. In addition to the active research and development of traditional toy manufacturers, Internet companies have also gathered in the field of children's smart hardware, such as smart watches, smart robots, and smart toys. Internet companies deploy time events in the field of smart toys. In January 2018, Tencent and Lego will take the lead in cooperating in the field of smart toys. Highly engaged safe play experience. At the end of 2017, Yiqiwan’s 'Yiqiwan Smart Cube Classroom' product series independently developed by Yiqiwan has completed a million-level angel round financing at the end of 2017. The investor is Xinghai Sunac, the first brand of children’s intelligent early education products in November 2017, 'Huohuo' Rabbit announced that it has received RMB 100 million in financing. The sales of 'Huohuotu' in the domestic market cover 300 cities, with an annual sales volume of millions of units, steadily occupying the first domestic market share. In January 2017, Lego launched the Lego Boost series of programming building block robots; in February, it launched Lego Life, an online social platform. The platform is designed for children under the age of 13, where users can create virtual images, express creativity and share works, and interact with characters. In September 2017, Chengdu Magic Stone Technology announced the completion of the seed round of financing. The investors are Hongtai (Chengdu) Fund and Hongtai Zhizhi. In August 2017, 'Little DriverIn 2016, Xiaomi launched its own child companion robot, which can send the child's words to parents via voice messages at any time. Source: Zhiyan Consulting and sorting out the toy industry with huge market potential. China's '13th Five-Year Plan' plan is fully implemented. A couple can have two children policy. According to the statistics of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the annual number of births during the '13th Five-Year Plan' period will be between 17.5 million and 21 million. The increase in the number of newborns will bring huge development potential to the toy industry. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, according to the national population change sample survey data, the number of births in my country in 2017 was 17.23 million. Although it was a slight decrease from 2016, it was significantly higher than the average annual birth rate of 16.44 million during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period. The level is the second highest in history since 2000. In particular, the number of second-child births has increased significantly compared with 2016, and the proportion has continued to rise, but it has declined again in 2017. 2006-2017 China’s Newborn Population Trends Source: National Bureau of Statistics 2011-2017 China’s Children’s Population Structure (Unit: 10,000) Years Number of children aged 0-1 Children aged 2-12 Children aged 13-18 Total 2011 160417530885827992 2012 163417755859027979 2013 164017687859927926 2014 168717680872428091 2015 165517768887828301 2016 178617830907028686 2017 172317999953729259 Source: National Bureau of Statistics of Toys New Trends: Intelligence, Technology and Interactivity There are many forms of intelligent toys, in terms of function, intelligence and interactivity It has become the two important characteristics of smart toys. This is reflected in the fact that toys can communicate with children 'emotionallyInteractive and high-tech toys have gradually become the mainstream of development, and the combination of computer technology and toys has become the direction of innovation for toy companies. High-tech intelligent toys satisfy the curiosity of consumer groups (including children and adults), and at the same time strengthen the interactive experience of consumer groups and toys. Toy companies have implanted advanced technologies in the fields of computers, electronics, and communications into toy products, breaking through the limitations of traditional toys, giving toys 'listening' and 'speaking' functions and interacting with people. At present, my country's smart educational toys are still in their infancy, but the development speed is very fast. The future growth potential and market size of China's educational toys are very attractive. 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