International sand sculpture competition criteria _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: international sand sculpture contest a scoring criteria, all competitions approved the world association of sand sculpture must strictly abide by the regulations, rules of sand. 2, the following standards apply to judge international sand sculpture competition international sand sculpture competition score standard one, and all the world sand sculpture association approved by the competition rules must strictly observe the regulations on the sand. 2, the following standards apply to judge international sand sculpture competition sand sculpture works, artistic value: the highest: 10 technical difficulties: the highest: 10 overall design: the highest: every judges the highest hit 10:30 art value aspects: 1. Visual impact. 2. 3 new sex. Creative 4. Detail part 5. 6. The processing of external 7. The shape of the expressive force 8. Dynamic technical difficulty: 1. For the use of 2 sand. Ability to penetrate, and 3. Dangling part 4. The height of the vertical section 5. Works completion design aspects: 1. Works with the topic whether appropriate 2. The use of 3 shade and shape. Space use of 4 specified area. The use of space on the back three, all participants will receive a written score standard. Four, competition has special committee is responsible for all sand sculpture works for comparison. Each team must have divided into the sum of each score points by judges. Five, the artist as a judge should not join any contest. Six, the organizing committee will organize the judges to on-site review work. Seven, the organizing committee of the secretary-general and deputy secretary-general as jury monitors, participate in the appraisal process, to ensure the fairness of competition. Eight, the contestants have different opinions, the result of the comparison to the competition committee to lodge a complaint, but all contestants must respect and obey the judges the final evaluation results. Nine, the WSSA to this standard
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