International outdoor dynamic statuettes show next month in the north sea

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Such a beautiful picture, will be held on October 12, in the north sea. Such a beautiful picture, will be held on October 12, in the north sea. At a news conference on September 5, the passengers, with 'north sea tide' as the theme of the first international outdoor dynamic statuettes show ( The north sea, 2019) In the city will be held on October 12 goldengulf mangrove tourist area, take 12 sino-foreign figurines home works will appearance together, and these works on display will permanently stay in the north sea. According to introducing, dynamic figurines as a new art form, break through the traditional figurines stationary state, with the aid of natural power ( Wind, water, solar energy, etc. ) , mechanical power or artificial driven force, rendering dynamic aesthetic feeling and new artistic creativity. Rio on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2016, the dynamic figurine artist Antony creation of er of dynamic torch to impress the world over. In 2016 and 2018, the statuettes of tsinghua university academy of fine arts department has held two session of the theme of 'day line conation' indoor small international dynamic statuettes show, but large outdoor dynamic statuettes show in China and the world is still blank. This exhibition is hosted by the government of the passengers, will invite Anthony hao, lal, Wang Zhong 12 people, famous both at home and abroad, such as dynamic figurine making 12 pieces of large outdoor dynamic figurines, figurines size 5 - per piece 9 m.
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