Installation precautions and installation process of stainless steel sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little knowledge of it. Let me introduce you to the installation precautions of stainless steel sculptures and Its installation process. 1. Precautions for installation of stainless steel sculpture 1. Stakeout. Stainless steel garden sculpture is an important garden element that constitutes a garden landscape. In addition, the garden sketch is a single body, and its stakeout is accurate. Stainless steel sculpture manufacturers use theodolite and steel tape measure for stakeout. The coordinate system on the drawing carries out accurate local grid stakeout to determine the location of the garden sculpture. 2. Excavation. After accurate stakeout, if the flower bed foundation is manually excavated, the width of the foundation pit bottom should be determined according to the width of the foundation and the width of the working surface. After the excavation of the foundation pit, the puddle should be drained in time, and the excavation and spoil should be kept stable on the excavation slope, and it is not advisable to excavate the earth in two days. 3. Cushion construction, generally gravel cushion, should be used during construction Pave uniformly and manually tamped. 4. The construction of the basic structure and the foundation of the sculpture should be based on the volume of the sculpture. Large-scale concrete foundation should be used for the large amount of questions. Before the volumetric concrete construction, the concrete test mix ratio should be done, and the sand and stone test should be carried out The construction mix ratio is prepared according to the conditions of the construction site. Second, the installation process of stainless steel sculpture 1. Most of the stainless steel sculptures are processed and spliced u200bu200bby multiple stainless steel blocks. In the actual splicing and production process, this process is called welding. Various methods are used for effective welding, and after the related work is completed, a series of grinding and polishing are required to make the surface of the stainless steel sculpture feel smoother. 2. In the process of processing the stainless steel sculpture, it has its own uniqueness. There are ways to take lightning protection measures. The stainless steel material will occasionally be struck by lightning in thunderstorm weather. At this time, during the installation of stainless steel sculptures, it is necessary to prevent construction in thunder and lightning weather, and the concrete markings should also have different marks. 3. When installing the stainless steel sculpture, the entire bolt must be fixed at the beginning of the installation. During the entire bolt fixing process, all of them need to be fixed on the same foundation surface. The panel must be installed in a horizontal position, and in the process Be sure to weld the bolts or steel bars smoothly. 4. If it is installed in winter, be sure to take the necessary measures to protect it. The above content is the installation precautions and installation of stainless steel sculptures brought to you by the Beijing stainless steel sculpture manufacturer The introduction of the craft, I hope it can help you.
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