Ins’ hot office “toys” have to buy even if you eat dirt!

by:Ennas      2021-11-09
1. Office foot hammock   Do you often tilt your legs in the office? This sitting posture is very bad for your body, but if you have such a foot hammock under the table, it will definitely be much more comfortable.    Office resting hammock  Price: 43 yuan  You can buy it with a search on Taobao, it's really easy to use.     2. Automatic heating insulation mat    What kind of weather is the tube, coffee or tea still like to drink hot, but it will cool off after a while on the table, then such a coaster can solve your troubles. Just put the cup on it and it will heat up automatically.     electric heating constant temperature coaster   price: 68 yuan   pay attention here! The cup must be a thin material with a flat bottom, otherwise the heating will be invalid.    3. Holding a nap pad   Many white-collar workers have the habit of taking a nap at noon. Although they are just lying on the table for a short nap, they still need to pay attention to comfort. The feeling of sleeping with a pillow on your hand is definitely not comparable to a pillow, so try this!     Hand in the Pillow   Price: 223 yuan   Such a big pillow will definitely make you have a good nap.    4. Balance ball chair   The most new thing about this chair is that you need to master your balance ability, because if you don’t do it well, you may fall down. It sounds a bit thankless, but it is very good for your cervical and lumbar spine.     balance ball fitness chair   price: 298 yuan    instead of spending 8 hours sitting in the office every day, it is better to try this, but also have a fitness effect.     5. Plant pen holder   I won’t tell you it is a pen holder. Can you recognize it? It looks like a green plant, but it is really just a pen holder. Putting such things on the work station looks very fresh and natural.    Creative Botanical Pen Holder    Price: 33 yuan   Open the lid and the pen holder is more like an ornament after the lid is closed.     6. Foot pedal power switch    every day to turn on and off the machine only need to step on this pedal to ok, very convenient. But you have to be careful, in case you step on the wrong one, you can just turn off the machine and reset it.    Foot switch  Price: 6 yuan  The editor personally also uses this, it is really much more convenient to step on it than to press it by hand.    7. Wash the keyboard   For foodies, the food residue in the keyboard is inevitable, once it gets dirty, it is very difficult to clean. Then you should really try this kind of water-washed keyboard, just put it in water and wash it.    Smart washing keyboard  Price: 126 yuan   I thought this kind of thing should be expensive, but in fact the price is very cheap, and the price/performance ratio is also excellent.     8. DIY cork board    desktop space is limited after all, many things can't be found at hand. You can try to fix things on the DIY soft template next time, especially important files, and you will never lose them.    DIY cork board pushpin combination  Price: 89 yuan  In fact, not only in the office, you can also use it to decorate your study at home.
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