Industry Observation | A salesperson's reflection on gift marketing

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

I am in business, and I have worked for many gift companies. Through frequent job changes over the years, I have come to understand a truth, that it is easy to find a job in these sales and gift companies, but it is difficult to do a business here. So every time I go to a sales gift company, I clearly feel whether the system atmosphere of the sales gift company is suitable for my own business. It has also integrated a lot of sales and gift companies, and made its own reflection on the sales of sales and gifts. Reflection 1: Without brand support, there is no trust. He used to work in some small sales gift companies. Those companies just developed their business every day according to their own model, and never thought about what brand they wanted to achieve. Although we all know that the brand is very important, but there is no real intention to promote the brand awareness, everything is only in traditional publicity. Without brand culture, there would be no one's own things that one can take out. Just as ordinary consumers think it is unnamed and untrustworthy. This means that without the support of the brand, there is no trust. Rethinking 2: The rendering of corporate culture is not strong enough. Culture is the characteristic and performance that distinguishes between people, while corporate culture is the essential feature and external performance that distinguishes between enterprises and enterprises. It is a kind of corporate spirit and performance. The power of an enterprise, including moral constraints, is the largest group of sales gifts marketing is employees, in fact, it is also the face-to-face marketing of personnel, so how can consumers recognize, perceive and accept the company and its products? It relies on employees with corporate cultural connotations. Only when employees' performance moves and convinces consumers can consumers be satisfied!   Why can so many employees gather and work hard in the company when conditions are difficult? It relies on the company’s humane and promising corporate culture, the bridge of consensus reached by the company’s corporate culture, and the same idea, so that everyone feels that this is a warm family, systematizes their knowledge, and sells themselves. Gas station on the journey. Rethinking three-the collection of saleable gifts itself. The total number of some saleable gift companies believes that the wider the scope of their company and the more categories, the more room for customers to choose. Think about it, too. But it’s okay if you think this way, it’s the same if everyone thinks this way. Consumers will think that where to buy is not the same. In today's age of homogeneity and quantification, it is really difficult to find a completely different company. So many companies have chosen to follow the trend.  Reflection IV-Choice of the model. The development of the gift company to this day is not only by choosing the right way to sell the gift, but also by choosing a good model. But there are also many people who think that the small hurdles in the company's development process are due to the wrong model choice, so they are always changing models and improving models in development. In fact, whether the model is right or not is not the basis for determining the problem, it is based on some other effects produced by the model. The so-called grasp of the problem must be grasped from the root to be feasible. Rethinking 5-Resolute execution. Sales of gifts marketing is to do detailed work, and it is linked to each other. The negligence of any link will cause the failure of the entire activity. For example, point selection is the starting point of the marketing of sales gifts and plays a vital role. It is a meticulous, thorough, and complicated work. It is a process of understanding the market, analyzing the market, and grasping the market. It is like the foundation of a house. If the points are not good, the following links of marketing gifts will be unsure; another example is the promotion of preheating, which is responsible for attracting consumers to the scene, so the word-of-mouth inside must be sufficient, and what is the point of interest appeal, so that consumers are interested in the event. Full of mystery, etc., including consumer classification, content of different consumer appeals, application of the 28th principle, consumer age structure, etc., there must be countermeasures to ensure the number of consumers present; such as the layout of the event site and the coordinated decision of each link The effect of the event and the quality of after-sales service determine whether consumers will consume again. Rethinking 6-Training efforts for continuous innovation. Marketing of sales gifts depends on the ground promotion of personnel. A complete training system must be established to allow employees to look in one direction and focus on one place. The effect is directly determined. In addition to the level of return for sales of gifts, it is also related to the development of a market and even a company. There are many training contents for sales gifts marketing: including corporate culture, success mentality, product pathology pharmacology, marketing theory, marketing model, OTC management skills and so on.   In short, there are various ways. The key is to extract the experience from failure. The company that suits you is the best.
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