Industry channel trendsetters in the new retail era gather at the 10th China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference

by:Ennas      2021-11-15

In today's accelerated fission of new retail, the toy and maternal and infant industries are ushering in an unprecedented period of historical opportunity. Prior to this, Premier Li Keqiang clearly proposed “encourage online and offline interactions and promote the innovation and transformation of physical business”. The government work report of the two sessions this year is more It is required to promote consumption upgrades and develop new consumption formats and new models. However, the current toy and maternal and child channels can only meet the market demand in the new retail environment only by changing their business strategies. From March 30 to 31 this year, in Taihu Lake, Suzhou, the China Toys and Baby Products Association will launch the 10th China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference (the 10th Industry Conference). Through forward-looking trend interpretation, accurate data release, Innovative theory introduction and successful experience sharing, leading the industry trend. At the scene, the conference will launch a China layout forum with the theme of 'Channel Reform in the New Retail Era' to help channel operators outperform new retail. The leading media in the maternal and infant industry, China Infant.com, will also cooperate as a co-organizer to increase its potential. The Ninth Industry Conference in 2017 was full of seats. Last year, Suning Redbaby released 2.0 stores to accelerate the offline layout. Jingdong plans to open 5,000 maternity and infant experience stores in three years. Recently, Tmall intelligent maternal and child areas/rooms have been completed. How do traditional maternity and baby stores break through the raging fire ignited by the capital's darling e-commerce? The China Layout Forum invited Xu Weihong, CEO of Kidswant, a new retailer of the maternal and infant chain, to share with the theme of 'User Experience in the New Retail Era' and the operation experience of Kidswant’s sixth-generation G6 smart store in the past six months. Make use of the four elements of relationship, content, scene and digitalization to implement the survival rules of member precision marketing. Kidswant CEO Xu Weihong As one of the three major international convenience store giants, Lawson is famous for its IP theme scene marketing, and has created many classic cases such as Ultraman, Conan, and Barbie. China Layout Forum invited He Yunmin, Vice President of Lawson China Shanghai Branch. He will discuss the value of using IP to create store consumption scenarios with the topic of 'How to use IP to create new consumption scenarios, and share multiple use of IP to create new consumption scenarios.' Success stories. It is believed that the Lawson model will provide channel operators with valuable experience on how to effectively use IP to create new consumption scenarios. He Yunmin, Vice President of Lawson China Shanghai Branch In addition, the China Layout Forum also invited high-level executives from toy and baby products companies to share strategies for responding to new retail, which will provide inspiration for distributors to build a good customer experience and enhance retail value. . Liu Lizhen, general manager of JD.com, will also share the online channel consumption trends of toys and baby products from 2017 to 2018. At the same time, the forum also set up interactive sessions with speakers on the same stage to discuss the strategies for channel reform in the new retail era. It is believed that the sharing of guests on site will provide a good example and reference for the development of toys and baby industry channels. Liu Lizhen, general manager of JD.com Maternal and Child Development Forum, one day before the China layout forum, the 10th Industry Conference set up a global trend main forum, focusing on global industrial policies, cultural environment, economic environment and consumer environment; exploring preschool education, new retail, new manufacturing and new Technology development direction; release industry data; interpret industry development trends, so that participants can understand current industry trends, industry data, and cutting-edge theories. At the same time, a parallel forum-China Smart Manufacturing has been set up to help companies use big data to better predict product demand and adjust production capacity, and use big data to calculate the most reasonable production plan. The 10th Industry Conference not only has a fascinating theme forum, but also set up a healthy one-hour walk around Taihu Lake, which can expand contacts and free exchanges of the theme ecosystem. Among them, the ecosystem involves the three dimensions of channel, design, and IP. The participating channel vendors can easily realize resource docking, cooperate and negotiate, and grasp the trend of the industry. Industry Conference Theme Ecosphere Resources Docking China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference has high specifications, strong lineup, cutting-edge topics, novel views, and strong communication. It has been successfully held for nine times and has developed into the most authoritative, professional and valuable in China Brand event! The tenth industry conference this year has nearly a thousand guests attending the conference, covering senior leaders of brands, manufacturers, distributors, and design agencies in the baby, toys, preschool education and licensing industries from all over the world. If your company wants to realize the transformation and upgrading of channels through user experience, you want to use the IP scene marketing model to create a new channel pattern, and you want to expand the high-end contacts in the toy and baby products industry, please contact the China Toys and Baby Products Association to sign up and contact Tel: 010-66038881 ext. 244/259; Email: sunny_sheng@tjpa-china.org.
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