Industrial master one thousand nanmu carve on the qingming festival on the painting '_ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-25
Core tip: recently announced the '2014 China arts and crafts' hundred flowers awards competitions, arts and crafts master of our province Wan Zhenglan creation of woodcarving 'qingming scroll' won the gold medal. This was the first in our province woodcarving work recently announced the '2014 China arts and crafts' hundred flowers awards competitions, arts and crafts master of our province Wan Zhenglan creation of woodcarving 'qingming scroll' won the gold medal. This is the first time our province woodcarving work won the highest prize in the national arts and crafts. Yesterday, reporters in Wu Changqing ling township Wan Zhenglan work indoor meet the work. In the song dynasty painting 'qingming festival on the painting' the highlight of the 'rainbow bridge', was carved on a piece of 70 cm long, 36 cm tall wood, scene vivid, more than 200 characters. To reporters surprise, carved wooden frame plane under the reflection of light, send all the burnish like gold. Founder balaam said, this is a piece of gold-rimmed nanmu wood. Wood from sichuan province, by the people in the underground coal mining, found that it was a whole tree diameter of 1. 5 meters of tree in the ground 'sleeping' for thousands of years. It is said that this kind of nanmu deposit at least 500 years, to give them gold luster, so called gold-rimmed nanmu. Wan Zhenglan tells a reporter, 'qingming scroll painting several meters long, limited to material, she can only choose local rendering it. According to the size of the original creation, the woodcarving from making clay model, to finally complete, spent three years. 'Different clay sculpture, wood carving is wrong can't heavy. Big to docking, distillery had, houses, small to a donkey, when carving there can be no mistakes. 'Wan Zhenglan said. Master of arts and crafts in our province, the 76 - year - old Deng Daohang old man is the master Wan Zhenglan. She is introduced, the winning entries using the relief in the Chinese traditional woodcarving craft, carve 'skills', 'engraved' into the deepest part of the wood up to 4. 5 cm, and only 5 cm, the thickness of the gold-rimmed nanmu carve are treading on thin ice, when its difficulty cans be imagined. Learned, hubei woodcarving craft lineage since chu period CaiQi, gold paint idols of wood carving, inheritance for thousands of years, the traditional skills are divided into relief, carve, the round ( Three-dimensional carving) 4 class and line. During the Ming and qing dynasties to the heyday, enter after the nineties of the last century, is becoming more and more weak. In recent years, represented by wuhan woodcarving of hubei woodcarving began to learn from the jiangsu and zhejiang, using the hubei produces boxwood, character of myths, historical figures, and beaming mascot as a subject for creation. 'By the China arts and crafts society of China arts and crafts' hundred flowers awards appraisal every year, the highest award for craft fine arts in China. The comparison of Wan Zhenglan pool 'round' zhang jing creation woodcarving work 'wu zetian' won the silver medal. It is reported, headed by Deng Daohang hubei woodcarving has handed people have to the relevant authorities to declare the han people send woodcarving of heritage protection projects. Wan Zhenglan affinity wood: on the soap carving 'pegasus', 'does anyone want a more than 50 buy my wood painting' on the qingming festival, I refused politely. 'In the eyes of Wan Zhenglan, each piece of work is painstaking care crystallization, is priceless, she could not bear to sell. Wan Zhenglan since childhood love mud by play mud to sculpture, enjoy it. A chance opportunity, Wan Zhenglan art carving factory was in wuhan as a designer Deng Daohang fancy. Intentional Deng Daohang want to test her and give her an empty 'pegasus' cigarette case, want her to use one day, the 'pegasus' carved on the cigarette case. Wan Zhenglan finished the work on a bar of soap. The next day, she will be 'the horse pegasus' to the Deng Daohang. Deng Daohang nodded with satisfaction. In 1983, the 27-year-old Wan Zhenglan transferred to art carving factory in wuhan city. Deng Daohang closed her myself for ACTS. 'At that time, a lot of people think I'm old, afraid I learn not to come out. 'Wan Zhenglan exclamation. Who is more than 30 years, Wan Zhenglan creative passion to eruption: in 2013, her works of qu yuan's 'nine songs' as the subject of the full relief work 'he' won the 14th session of exhibition of arts and crafts master of China quality award, after her works also won the 2012 hubei province non-material cultural heritage design award honorable mention. A few months ago, issued by the provincial party committee organization department, as a 'arts and crafts master', hubei province, she has become the province's 30 folk craft skills to pass on one of the master. Yesterday, reporters in Wan Zhenglan studio to see, she is in the preface to lanting collection of wang xizhi to create a new image. Wan Zhenglan said, in my life like wood, can only do this work. ( The Yangtze river daily) Wan Zhenglan and her woodcarving work on the qingming festival pursues 'reporter Peng Nian perturbation
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