Indonesia lingshan jade temple, 500 lohan figurines vivid, different expressions into the brightest hotspot

by:Ennas      2020-06-14
Core tip: package, is among one of the most popular chat software tools. So you have seen even lohan in expression of 'play' package scenario? Here, you have to exclamation this package, is one of the most popular chat software tools. So you have seen even lohan in expression of 'play' package scenario? Here, you have to exclamation this world is really wonderful let a person feel dizzy. A temple has a small island in Indonesia, there are five hundred arhats figurines, the brilliant point of view of ocean's number is not here, but because of who I am here lohan expression, is really let visitors an eye-opener, interesting to almost can reach to make the people a happy point! The island have is famous for its beautiful natural environment. In addition to the beautiful beach and blue water, most the place that attract visitors to lingshan jade temple. In the temple not only can fully feel the traditional culture of the local customs, and strong flavor of traditional buddhist, interesting face can also see the five hundred arhats. It is said that the temple of all lohan is figurines in mainland China. From a distance, a few hundred lohan, forms the stand on the land, not to mention how spectacular! More interesting is the expressions on their faces, joys and sorrows each are not identical, to make the thinking behind this figurine division also has a very interesting soul. Whenever the tourists to visit here, always here sitting for a long time, for every expression of ocean's research, this living is five hundred expression package! But in addition to fun, temple is a very serious place. In each of the below the ocean's have their respective title and abstract, so in addition to the temple's original name, it is also known as five hundred arhat temple. The preparation of the temple is the local overseas Chinese, from the year began to build, lasted more than a decade has basically completed, but the temple is still in repair and parts. So most of the buildings in the temple are the traditional Chinese architectural style with no surprise. Whether it is in a post, or on the carved beams, nowhere not sending out the customs of Chinese characteristics. Here there are many tourists from Singapore to devout prayer, there are many Chinese people come here to visit, after all, one of Buddhism is also a traditional Chinese religion. Temple in addition to five hundred ocean's a big attraction, there are many other Buddha, the boy like, etc. , the carving technique and present status, also can make people surprise. This small island, it is simply a hidden treasure, only come here you can truly feel the exotic flavor, springing up in the temple on the island, the scenery of it compared with domestic also is very different, very worth to see!
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