In those years we remember figurines

by:Ennas      2021-09-19
Core tip: 'a person for a day in shenzhen sculpture works not only memorable, there are a lot of the city of shenzhen citizen remember landmark sculpture. These figurines like history textbooks, not only the shenzhen one day memorable sculpture works, there are a lot of the city of shenzhen citizen remember landmark sculpture. These figurines like history textbooks, together with the shenzhen a person for a day of inscribed 'stone' of the city. We take part of the figurine images in the present, look at them in your life, ever leave some mark? Willing ox was built in 1984, is a landmark in the history of shenzhen city figurine. Led, shenzhen, guangzhou academy of fine arts, please Pan He professor for the new city government to do a small statue. After repeated deliberation, professor pan decided to shape a forest cattle, as a symbol of the SAR builders. The hand that mends was built in 1986. Near shekou sea world scenic area, the figurines home Cao Chunsheng, pay day revenge 'creators. Huge stone combines the hand that mends the myths and legends and the seaside scenery, become the witness many young lovers love the holy land. 'Willing ox' to cultivated the image of the cow has become the symbol of dc builder 'rush' is a symbol of shenzhen aggressive to dare to try, too representative of the city image 'steelyard' accurate, honest, open, fair, justice and business ethics to judge 'the rain', take the dew of heaven, the metaphor: water on performance of shenzhen all rivers run into sea, all-encompassing bosom like November 14, 2000, deng xiaoping, 'deng xiaoping as the opening of the lianhua mountain park plaza in shenzhen. Bronze casting as deng xiaoping, show smiling face, her eyes twinkle, big step forward, on the corner of the trench coat that moved with the wind. Behind the statue of the granite north of deng xiaoping's inscription engraved on the wall. After the completion of statue, lotus become an important cultural landscape in shenzhen. Through old pavilion is located in shenzhen museum, opened in 1993, 5. 3 m, 2 m wide. Small statue of a man with open arms, struggling to open door, gritty surrender. It is a symbol of shenzhen aggressive city image to dare to try, too, become the shenzhen people's soul. Bird people was built in 2002, is composed of several different color color figurines statues portfolio, standing Yu Damei sand beach, is a classic background of visitors to the seaside photographs. Desire some people call them 'angels', some say they 'ideal wings', more they called them or mei ShaFei bird. East sea god Poseidon with Neptune tower was completed in 1994. Author He Liping deduce the Greek mythology on the blue building, wear a wall and the horsehead, in the side of the building, on the other side of the building postilion cracked. The figurines of towns across the country are in a terrific. For the small statue, it is said that lost a floor space. Deep blue in October 2000 by the friendly city of Houston, stands in the center of the shenzhen park. By the international association of figurines, chairman of the famous American figurines home John & # 183; Henry is designed. Figurine is composed of three pillars and three plate free DaGou, distinctive shape. Steelyard in March 2003, erect flourishing dongmen commercial pedestrian street in shenzhen. It is not only to calculate weight, and on behalf of the accurate, honest, open, fair, justice and business ethics. The rain in shenzhen north station west plaza completed in 2012. 6. 18 meters, the width of 8. 9 meters, is composed of 4704 stainless steel round dew, when the breeze blowing, sensitive leaves are shaking and flashing. 'The rain' dew and ripples as elements, take on the dew of heaven, good if water, the metaphor of the moist, shenzhen all rivers run into sea, all-encompassing bosom, the spirit of shenzhen people love without borders, cosmopolitanism.
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