In The Three Kingdoms, two jin, northern and southern dynasties bronze _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: an overview of three kingdoms, two jin, northern and southern dynasties bronze ware in The Three Kingdoms, two jin, northern and southern dynasties to sui unification between more than three hundred years ago, although the war, but also has a relatively stable period. This period of green in The Three Kingdoms, two jin, northern and southern dynasties bronze ware an overview of The Three Kingdoms, two jin, northern and southern dynasties to sui unification between more than three hundred years ago, although the war continued, but also has a relatively stable period. Bronze metallurgy industry in this period, the south from the north to thrive, but looked from the overall, than han are The Times of recession, archaeological site of metallurgy rarely seen in this period. In recent years, was found in hubei ECheng wu and jin period of copper and copper smelting sites, and braise in soy sauce soil and LianZha. Hubei ECheng is sun wu of capital, and according to handed down and unearthed bronze inscription, when have bronze mirror in ECheng manufacturing industry, smelting copper industry is thriving. Or this period unearthed bronze ware handed down from ancient times, from the varieties to style characteristics, mainly tradition since the han dynasty. Should not be ignored is that the period of the han dynasty bronze wares were generally much rough bronze ware. Due to fusion of nationalities, in bronze casting also show the peoples learn from each other to form a common cultural characteristics, of course, some of the bronze ware to a certain extent, also reflects the characteristic of a nation. Period of three kingdoms, two jin bronzes types and characteristics of The Three Kingdoms, two jin period bronze type still is given priority to with daily life use device, mainly include: kettle, ð ¨ + “, spoon, wine bottles, ear cup, washing, furnace boshan ship, lights, stoves, electric iron, salivary pot, bronze mirror Weapons are mainly crossbow machine, knife; Chariots and horses are mainly bodyguards, governs. Archaeological finds burial during this period, a lot of burial objects are ceramics, bronze, rarely generally only a, or three or five pieces. This period of some main characteristics of bronze ware, it is difficult to distinguished from the eastern han dynasty era, but some also have small differences. ð ¨ + “ bucket: the form often are a tall, in addition to still have a long handle handle end animal head shape, also often with dragon Wine bottles, wine bottles, ancient, more round, straight walls or round drum abdomen, there are three short enough, some first laid in two attached to the wall. Jin dynasties period of wine bottles to others to make their shape, flat, there are three short feet. Copper washing: jiangsu yixing in jin zhou tomb and other areas of the jin tomb has found that its characteristic basically follow the han dynasty style. Copper lamp: calendar are common copper lamp on this period, most of the western jin dynasty is the wild goose full of the first year of yuan kang lamp. Goose foot lamp is the three main types of copper lamp jin period. Bronze crossbow machine: this period bronze crossbow machine is developed, and han is not easy to difference in shape, but many crossbow machine are inscription, some still dating, thus can determine their absolute age, such as Wei Qinglong crossbow machine three years. To sum up, the three countries in the age of bronze in the 5th life with apparatus has been replaced by chinaware, further. Bronze ware is given priority to with element face, appearance is rough, only a small number of bronze ware has a simple string lines, copper decorated with fish grain in the wash. But this time there are a few products with fine gold, some copper peel also fine gold. Of the types and characteristics of the northern and southern dynasties bronze confrontation of the northern and southern dynasties era, both south and north side of the economic development, a certain degree of recovery in people of all ethnic groups in the long-term social life, deepening the fusion between ethnic groups. Bronze metallurgy industry has declined at this moment, but in the very great degree performance characteristics of the national culture exchange and certain ethnic characteristics. In the song, qi, liang, Chen Sichao, bronze ware of the main species have ð ¨ + “ bucket, spoon, electric iron, bowl, cup, dish, salivary pot, tiger Hubei program from a slope a northern and southern dynasties tomb, the unearthed copper sort is more, there are a bottle of, a basin, a salivary jar, a footed cup, a copper smoked. Buried with copper products so much, is very rare in the tombs of the northern and southern dynasties. This period ð ¨ + “ modelling more micro tiny mouth, bowl shaped flat, straight or oblique abdomen, abdominal mouth on one side is first-class, three high horse shoe foot, straight shank or Iron, zhenjiang, jiangsu province unearthed Liang Taiqing iron feature of Ming is two years straight abdominal, flat along, straight shank. Unearthed a total of four, according to the briefing, the biggest have Zhu Shu words on a piece of iron 'too clear two years March 16, one thousand'. Copper bowl, flat abdomen, ring foot shorter. Guangdong shaoguan unearthed a in the body and mouth also decorated with four strings. Salivary jar: also called salivary pot, disc, flat round or flat drum abdomen, ring foot. Copper cup: deep belly or long round belly, ring foot or horn footed, tangyan footed unearthed copper cup, comes with a lid. Copper bottle: round belly, long neck, a tiny cast. Copper plate: deep belly, a tiny mouth and flat.
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