In the qing dynasty jade carving _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core clew: qing shanhaiguan, the kangxi emperor shunzhi make clear the insurgency, the development of production, the yongzheng emperor against the whole bureaucracy, economic prosperity, the 'high'. When wu sangui kangxi pursuit of Ming and qing shanhaiguan, the kangxi emperor shunzhi make clear the insurgency, the development of production, the yongzheng emperor against the whole bureaucracy, economic prosperity, the 'high'. When wu sangui kangxi chase Ming everlasting king into the toe, opened a route Burma jade into the central plains. Qianlong period in the western regions in fighting, but also through the hetian jade in the transport pathway, hetian jade a lot into the mainland, promoted the jade technology rapid development, appeared in the history of Chinese ancient jade is the most prosperous era, is also the third peak of Chinese jade culture. In the qing dynasty, there are many real life story about jade, one is to use morphology for jade modelling, as well as in a natural landscape, garden landscape, pavilions of carve, yushan son adopted. Reality show, display, four items of used more auspicious lotus, Chinese flowering crabapple, plum blossom, ganoderma lucidum, chrysanthemum, Chinese cabbage, bamboo, pine for decoration, mainly use the techniques, such as round, engraved look, the relief work in pursuit of carved and artistic pursuit of real vivid. Large jade carving in the qing dynasty 'dayu water conservancy' is a typical representative of yushan son, yushan son combined with full relief, relief, line carving, pay attention to the levels of near-far effect, the pursuit of poetic art style. Yushan son fine there in the qing dynasty 'making-friends nine old figure', 'akiyama travelled figure', 'toin had, etc. Many large jade carving, jade carving in the qing dynasty, such as 'dayu water conservancy' the need to organize many craftsmen design and write in an ornate style, spend years, even more than 10 years of time to complete, very not easy to finish a piece of jade carving works. Some modelling delicate small jade treasures, such as embedded ruby jade bowl has cost many labor and time to complete. In addition, the jade carved poems in the qing dynasty, the title word, carved, engraved with auspicious become a characteristic. Mark stein jade is also called 'Indian jade' or 'mughal jade', qianlong twenty-four years was introduced into China, mark stein jade modelling grain full of strong exotic mien, YuCai pure color more, adopting unique water carve jade carving. Jade modelling more modelled on the roll up or open flower, fruit, leaf shape, such as practical jade is more, there are mainly cup, bowl, spoon, plate, box, pot, etc. , decorative plants is given priority to, animals, rarely see sheep class grain. Mark is Stan jade jade-like stone vessels as thin as paper, decorative multi-function by plane bas-relief, grinding smooth, renew the trace. Beautiful mark stein jade is deep qianlong praised, and strongly advocated the essence of domestic artisans from mark stein, jade, imitation mark stein jade also become one of the main types of jade in the qing dynasty. Antique jade is very important in the qing dynasty jade carving, antique jade points grain archaize and modelling of the ancients, so have two principals. Gao qing dynasty antique jade more han dynasty, the heart, auspicious peja jade of han dynasty grain and shape, practical machine main furnace in imitation of a chow, smoked, bottle, cup, pot, pot, GUI jie, jue, bronze ware shape and decorative pattern as exhibits. In general, the use of clear acting palace jade directly by the qing imperial palace YuanHua dominance and influence of art, its work is rigorous, meticulous. Some grinding cut meticulous, such as carved like paintings, some polishing on not a trend, to show their warm glittering and translucent jade beauty. Heavy white jade in the qing dynasty, especially still suet white jade, topaz, have also been love. Most folk with the jade but the simultaneous production is also the most pure. The qing dynasty is the most famous jade center that comes in suzhou the lane, suzhou jade exquisite, elegant and graceful, imperial palace jade artisan also from the area. Also is different in various periods in the qing dynasty jade: shunzhi and kangxi years war frequently, deteriorated, jade line also is in a state of depression, yield little, but with the jade palace there is also a high-quality goods. Yongzheng toward economic recovery, greatly developing jade handicraft industry also rise again. Qianlong, jiaqing years of qing dynasty jade prosperous period. When jade palace around the temple, jade is very prosperous spreading in major cities. Folk watching a jade jade wind rise, jade article USES more extensive, furnishings, vessels, accessories, phenomena, idol, collectables - autograph, appliance, Mosaic and so on, category is complete. Daoguang xianfeng years when war again, domestically, the national economy, xinjiang yu gong, come to a complete stop palace jade decline. Especially the taiping rebellion and twice before and after the opium war, the war in liangjiang, Sue, Yang two external war heartland, are evil. Ever since the qing dynasty jade as never cheer up. Bring about haitang bowl bring white jade jade therefore bring white jade dragon party fight GaiHu bring jade lotus lotus fish furnishing articles bring bring about longfeng ancient jade white jade cup
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