In the past 9 years, many preschool education manufacturers have won unanimous recognition. Who is so attractive?

by:Ennas      2022-01-02

Guide: In Zhengzhou, Henan, there is a professional exhibition with the theme of 'children education'. Since its establishment in 2008, it has played a positive role in promoting the development of preschool education and strengthening the learning, exchanges and cooperation among industries, and has played a positive role in The development of the preschool education industry has far-reaching significance! Who is so attractive? It is not accidental that the expo has been successfully held for 12 sessions, and has harvested a batch of 'hardcore fans' participating in consecutive years: Watson Wei, Heikelun, Belcome, Tiger Boy, British TTS, Co-Creation, San Gong Lihua, Tong Anna, Rainforest, Transcentury, Holy Love Education, Hebron of Korea, Baocheng Culture and Education, Jin Jieli, Sun Preschool, Mickey Miao, Yehao, Dongfang Baby, Sunshine Baby, Jianguo, Huaxia, Qiaoqiao, Kanglong , Zhongxing, Baole, Yuhe, Yiqun, Prosperity, Huaou, Lucky Elephant, Xiaolanghua, Red, Yellow and Blue, Olisa, Buddy Tiger, Racing, Sanye, etc., have participated in the exhibition for 9 consecutive years, and some of them are From the initial standard booth to the current 180 square meters special booth, its brand products continue to expand its popularity relying on the exhibition platform, thus becoming a recognized 'star brand' in the industry. In recent years, more and more well-known companies in the industry have come from near Yueyuan to take the initiative to connect with the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition and market demand. After years of word of mouth, it has increasingly shown a powerful demonstration effect. Widely recognized by relevant government units and industry experts. The Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition integrates brand display, new product releases, bidding and procurement, supply and demand docking, and preschool education forums. Its professionalism and influence have been widely recognized, and it has been widely recognized by many industry leaders and famous Strong support from experts and leaders. The popular support of the Thousand Talents Forum activities The Ministry of Education has decided to set May 20th to June 20th every year as the 'National Preschool Education Promotion Month' starting in 2012, and organize preschool education publicity activities across the country and spread them widely Scientific preschool education concepts and methods. The Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition Spring and Summer Exhibition is at the right time. Each year, the exhibition combines related themes to hold a large-scale public welfare forum of 'Preschool Education Promotion Month'. In addition, it also includes speeches by industry experts, first-line famous teachers' practice sharing, and zero-distance supply-demand docking. Meetings, exchange banquets, recommended brands at the fair, etc., have attracted wide attention and love from many industry insiders and outside the province. In the past 9 years, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition has brought together more than 2,800 brand exhibitors and tens of thousands of cutting-edge preschool products, which has facilitated the purchase of products for more than 26,000 kindergartens, and has established standard projects and kindergarten teachers in various kindergartens. Training has played an important role, providing a reliable guarantee for the bidding and procurement of public and private preschool education institutions in various places, and has been widely recognized by relevant government units and the broad preschool education industry. It has become a must-chosen important activity in the preschool education industry in various places in spring and summer in June and autumn and winter in November. The last exhibition was successfully held at Zhengzhou Zhongyuan International Expo Center on June 16, 2017. More than 600 brand companies gathered in Zhongyuan, with more than 28,000 professional visitors and an exhibition scale of 30,000 square meters, the largest ever. On November 17-19, 2017, the 13th Eurasian·China Zhengzhou International Early Childhood Education (Autumn and Winter) Expo will continue to be held in Zhengzhou Zhongyuan International Expo Center! This exhibition is positioned as a year-end purchasing negotiation and ordering meeting for China's preschool education industry! It will join hands with more than 100 portals, magazines, and newspapers such as People.com.cn, Tencent, Netease, Toutiao, etc., and cooperate with each other to promote it. At the same time, there are many thousands of forums, demonstration kindergarten up-to-standard project exhibitions, interpreting industry development trends, and leading the healthy development of the industry! Excellent supplier and recommended brand selection activities, supply and demand docking dinner, the scale effect will reach a new high! Exhibition creates business opportunities, choice is greater than effort! Your participation is sincerely invited! Booth and advertising charges: please consult the exhibition organizing committee for details. Organizer: Zhengzhou Euro-Asia International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (one of the large-scale exhibition organizers in China) (National Convention and Exhibition Industry Vocational College Teacher Enterprise Practice Base) Address: Room 2102, No. 1 International Enterprise Building, No. 15 Minhang Road, Zhengzhou Tel: 0371-60272790 /80/70 Website: www.ouyakids.com Contact: Liu Hao
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