In the first half of the year, baby toys increased by 13.4% year-on-year, and brands such as Fisher, Hape, and VTech took advantage of the victory!

by:Ennas      2022-01-20
Baby toys play an important role in brain development, language enlightenment, ability training, hand-eye coordination, and physical exercise. For this reason, young parents are also keen to buy various baby toys. Tmall platform sales data show that in the first half of this year, the sales of infant toys increased by 13.4% year-on-year. Toy manufacturers such as Fisher, Hape, and VTech have launched a new batch of infant toy products, featuring innovative design, close attention to the critical period of infant growth, and multi-functional integration, bringing more choices to consumers. 1. Innovative design to enhance the functionality and fun of toys. In today's era, the post-90s group has gradually become the main force in fertility. They advocate convenience and speed in parenting, so they have more time to enjoy life. Manufacturers such as Fisher-Price and Five-Star Toys have innovated in toy design to improve the portability of toys or increase the functional uses of toys to provide more convenience for young parents. Fisher 3-in-1 Deluxe City Park Fitness Device: It can be used as a fitness frame or a game mat. This new fitness device from Fisher, adopts the dual function design of fitness device + game mat, and can be transformed into a fitness frame by removing the fitness frame. Game mats greatly increase the usage rate of toys, with city themes and cute animals to enhance the fun of playing. Five-star toy water-playing backpack: a fun small pool that can be carried on your body. It is a good time to play in the hot summer. Five-star toy has launched this water-playing toy suitable for children over 1 year old and innovatively adopts a portable backpack. Designed, a variety of fruits and vegetables, knives, forks, chopping boards and other rich accessories can be stored in the backpack, which has both portability and storage. Put down the table legs behind the backpack to change into a water table in seconds. After filling in water, turn on the faucet to electrically circulate the water. 2. Grasp the critical period of growth and focus on the improvement of specific abilities of infants and young children. Infants and young children have several critical periods of development in the growth process, such as the learning period, language sensitive period, and music sensitive period. Toy manufacturers follow the growth of infants and young children. The law of development, targeted launch of new toys focusing on improving specific abilities. VTech Animal English 100 words: English enlightenment, cognitive animal + English vocabulary learning animal English 100 words have standard American pronunciation and touch learning function, divided into 12 major themes, 108 kinds of animals, not only Chinese and English pronunciation, but also with Real animal pictures, calls and interesting knowledge, no need to read pen, users can directly touch the pattern or text with their fingers to make a sound, which is more suitable for young children to operate. Hape Smart Touch Symphony Orchestra: Music Enlightenment, through wooden touch technology, brings a unique interactive experience. This is a musical toy with a sense of science and technology, through the national patented wooden touch technology, lightly touch the wood The corresponding sound can be played with the pattern on the screen. There are three experience modes: music mode, color mode and instrument mode. The sound effects of touching the pattern in each mode are different. It can play music and enlighten and learn. There are 120+ Melody/sound/phrases, Chinese, English, and German languages u200bu200bcan be switched. Aimengbao crawling toy travel tortoise: guide crawling and promote the development of big movements. This learning-to-crawl toy travel tortoise launched by Aimengbao has vivid crawling movements that can mobilize infants and young children's interest in crawling, and exercise physical coordination and balance. There is a button on each of the four feet of the little tortoise. Each button has different functions, such as light buttons, music playback, children’s stories, poetry recitations, etc. In addition to guiding crawling, this toy has a built-in rich parenting content, ranging from auditory and visual , Tactile and many other aspects to promote the development of the senses. 3. Integrate multi-functionality and provide multiple play experiences. Toy manufacturers stimulate children’s interest in exploration and discover the mysteries by integrating multiple play experiences into a toy. While satisfying the desire for exploration, they also exercise hand-eye coordination and fine movements, etc. Ability in all aspects. Ao Bay Life Experience Hall: Six life scenes, learn various life skills while playing. This toy contains 6 life scenes and 20 real experiences, such as unlocking and closing doors, washing hands in the toilet, sleeping independently, etc., touching different things The button will send out prompts for different scenes, and through the simulation of life scene reproduction, it can cultivate children's living habits. Special treasure box for frogs orbiting the beads: five ways to play in one. This toy integrates six kinds of gameplays: wire beading, shape matching, number recognition, color matching, gear linkage, and action training. Different gameplays are for different The goal of cultivating abilities, such as observation, cognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor, etc. Guyu Harmony Game Study Table: Multi-function in one, bringing multiple fun. This game table combines various functions such as piano keys, digital beading, gear linkage, rotating train, etc., with various playing methods, multiple buttons or corresponding different functions Or emit different sound effects, rich interactive settings, and bring multiple fun.
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