In the context of increasing foreign trade barriers, Chinese companies must face the new international toy standards

by:Ennas      2021-11-13
In recent years, in the context of many countries competing to raise standards and increasing foreign technical trade barriers, the threshold for Chinese toy exports has gradually increased...  The threshold for toy exports is increasing day by day.   On April 1, Turkey enforced a new toy safety law. This regulation almost completely adopts the most stringent EU toy safety directive 2009/48/EC in history, and introduces the new content of EU directives and standards in recent years, and details the obligations of manufacturers, distributors and other members of the industrial chain at all levels. Regulation. For example, manufacturers must provide a declaration of conformity for toys placed on the Turkish market, compulsorily affix the CE mark, and be able to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of withdrawal and recall when the toy is found to be unqualified within 10 years after the toy is on the market. At the 121st Canton Fair, when talking about the new toy regulations enforced by Turkey, Guo Yang, the sales agent of the international sales department of Weihai Tiger Toys Co., Ltd., told the reporter of International Business Daily: The continuous update and refinement of international toy testing standards is a big issue. trend. It is understood that the company's simulation plush toys are sold in large quantities to Turkey. The testing of toys in exporting countries also shows that the quality of Tiger's toys is satisfactory. Guo Yang said confidently.   Coincidentally, the new American toy standard ASTMF963-16 formally came into effect on April 30. The new standards are generally more stringent. For example, in terms of mechanical and physical aspects, kinetic energy monitoring is more detailed and strict; in terms of electrical toys, the new standards have very strict requirements on rechargeable batteries, longer test times, and correspondingly increased costs. For Chinese toy exporters, failure to meet the above standards means that toys cannot enter the US market.   Guo Yang said that in the future, it is expected that the new toy standards issued by European and American countries will be more stringent. The main products of Tiger Toys include tiger, leopard, lion, dog, deer, horse, bear, turtle and other simulation plush toys. Plush toys need to be in physical contact with consumers, and stricter testing standards place higher requirements on the quality of toys, which is not necessarily a bad thing for companies. High standards and strict requirements have also reduced trade frictions and disputes between enterprises and consumers.   Shanghai Shenhua Import and Export Co., Ltd.'s exhibition staff told the reporter of International Business Daily that Shenhua always pays attention to the newest toy testing standards of exporting countries, so as not to encounter export obstruction due to non-compliance. Experts in the industry said that although China has become a major producer and consumer of toys, and domestic toys have emerged in multiple channels, in order to become a strong exporter of toys, Chinese toy companies still need to improve qualitatively and become the standard makers and makers of the toy industry. leader.
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