In small statues to shape Chinese image

by:Ennas      2021-09-20
These beautiful figurines in dongguan exhibition hall. These beautiful figurines in dongguan exhibition hall. On November 15, 'small sculpture exhibition of China and the United States formally in dongguan exhibition hall, the exhibition will last until December 15, 2013. Exhibits both contemporary and historical flavor the exhibition by guangdong province cultural department, guangdong museum, guangzhou figurine institute, sino-us cultural figurines, and exhibits of 59 woolly, exhibition brings together the two countries of 21 figurines home famous works. Including domestic famous statuette Cao Chunsheng, tang big jubilee, Xu Hongfei, Lu Zengkang masterpieces; The figurine aspects, there are American famous statuette kwan wu and Elden Tefft ( Professor tai delft) 、Jon Hudson( Hudson) 、Daniel Krause( Daniel Klaus) And Elizabeth zeller figurines everyone's masterpiece and new products. Exhibition of works by the subject matter is more all-encompassing, both impact, and has the product of thought-provoking, both full of contemporary stainless steel figurines, there is also a small bronze statue of history. Exhibition of all items from the 'culture of China and the United States small sculpture garden', which is a common construction figurines home in China and the United States of America's first public welfare and small sculpture park, initiated by the famous chinese-american kwan wu figurines home building. The little statue park officially opened in 2011, is located in Kansas overland park. By America and China famous figurines domestic art donated free of charge, after more than two years of development, small statue park has become the current us important cultural landscape and the window to show Chinese art. 'In many cultural activities of overseas Chinese, are in their own regions and circle. We make the purpose of this project, just want to more of the public, especially the mainstream of American society, Chinese image, thinking, show the footprint and contributions of Chinese society in the United States. 'The culture of China and the United States small statue park was founded in 2011, kwan wu explained the meaning of culture of China and the United States small sculpture garden. Guangzhou artists became the main culture of China and the United States small sculpture garden in 2011, the first kindergarten, including guangzhou five figurines home nine pieces, figurines home 2 pieces with the United States. Five small statue home from guangzhou YuChang, Zhong Zhiyuan, Lu Zengkang, Pan Fen, xue-jun Yang, kwan wu small statues is the United States house of representatives. Figurine of the first garden works, concrete and abstract is roughly half. Pan Fen's contemporaries in the image of different ethnic groups in the streets interlaced and the character modelling, semi abstract figurine art language to express the world of national harmony, hope that the world should not be to each other in religion, nation and state of different isolation, hostile, and even the war, and should respect and understand each other, equality and inclusion. YuChang abstract works 'trade-off' convey the philosophy of 'life choices', 'latchkey child' is to reform and opening up a generation of children to grow up in the early years of the portrayal of real life. The pioneers xue-jun Yang - Is built in the 19th century American railway scream 'of Chinese workers is made a significant contribution to the development of the Chinese in the United States and stirring the representation of history. From the early years, gold miners and railroad workers to the United States now in the field of engineers, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, to the image of the overseas Chinese in the United States in one hundred in changing. As the guangdong federation of returned overseas Chinese in the letter to the Chinese consulate in Chicago, to shape Chinese figurines project, will be 'as integrity of overseas Chinese cultural entity image in the United States for the first time the establishment of the earth'. Kwan wu said that in the next ten years, is expected to be the creation of more than hundred Chinese artist arrival at this small garden, statue to mainstream display of Chinese immigrants to the United States of America. The next step into the garden artists will not limited guangzhou, artists from around the world will be invited to participate in the project.
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