In November, go to fujian province art museum to see Xiao Huirong painted figurine, exhibition

by:Ennas      2020-06-13
Core clew: this exhibition nearly 60 pieces, mostly with the plum blossom as the theme, was full of works since the seventy s, there is no lack of among them more sharply. Also has in the red soles of high start difficulty in depicting the show nearly 60 works, the most with the plum blossom as the theme, all works since the seventy s, there is no lack of among them more sharply. Have difficulty in start extremely high on the red bottom in depicting the creation the joy of spring, the traditional four screen over which diagram and sketch. Main: fujian province art museum of China artists association of China's national academies association: China academy of art China figurine institute national construction figurines city art committee of xi 'an academy of fine arts of the art institute of zhejiang university in jiangsu province Hong Kong lives group open curtain type: at 10:00 am on October 28, 2009 at the exhibition venue: fujian art gallery, exhibition hall exhibition address: 96 fuzhou gulou lake head street exhibition period: on October 28, 2009 -- On November 8 ( On every Monday to rest) Show time: 9:00am - — 12:00 PM passion - — The same phone number: 0591 - 83725891 plum ancient literati paintings is the subject that the plum, orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo four gentlemen, LingDong hardy, symbolizes firmness, fortitude and holy; In traditional folk custom, the plum blossom more represent auspiciousness. Scholar xu mei, painter painted plum, borrow to express feelings of self by the praise of plum, to its high patient suffering, of pride. Professor xiao CDH rong was born in overseas Chinese family, have been like painting, love happy lively, especially good at drawing huge flowers, only the painting may have a special liking. Professor xiao from thirty years ago, namely each age at winter snow around the jiangnan meishan, yan late morning with dialogue, with its great perseverance, repeatedly read, various of deep plum, impressions of fluidity. Or explore painting techniques of mei, or Chinese painting history of the plum blossom, and all previous dynasties, the research of chant plum is nothing but for enriching the connotation of the personal works of art and literature, with line strokes, portrays the cold plum proud of cao, plain yan of the wind, strong to bloom, and the will of self. In professor xiao ideal depicted in the plum flower picture scroll, should be to let the audience can 'smell' the natural fragrance; Can 'touch' to its unyielding pride, fully show the plum blossom in the beauty of nature of diversity, the vitality of its life. As exhibits in figure of the loose MeiSong flourishes and open up a variety of plum flower inserted into the green pine trees, looked, gallop freely, aroma people. In the intermittent fragrant, the authors borrow more praise of plum blossom expressed his patriotic feelings.
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