In Melbourne, Australia international exhibition on interior decoration and furniture supplies

by:Ennas      2021-10-11
Australian interior decoration and furniture DECORDESIGN& AIFF is organized by informa exhibition company, is a rare professional building materials exhibition. Influence: Australia's leading exhibition decoration Decordesign and Australia's largest household industry trade war with the same period the AIFF pavilion, can attract more professionals in different areas and the audience the fair and exhibition; Specialized: the scene many industry professionals, designers will be invited to be present, to design the display of products and design concept, professional high. At the same time, during the exhibition also holds a design competition anxiety in Australia, there will be more than 700 designers with more than 1000 works; Demand: the Australian people life level is high, the pursuit of high quality household environment, has always been to furniture and interior demand is very high, in the Australian market continues to heat up. Australia is the world's land area is the sixth largest country, is the southern hemisphere the most economically developed countries. According to the Australian bureau of statistics, 1-2017 In July, Australian import and export of goods for 2560. $500 million, more than a year ago, The same below) Increased 23. 0%. Among them, 1320 for export. 29 $100 million, and growth. 7%; Import of 1240. 16 $500 million, and growth. 6%. 1 - Sino-australian bilateral imports and exports of goods in July of 695. 25 $100 million, and growth. 6%. Among them, 432 Australian exports to China. 37 $500 million, and growth. 32 and 0% of Australia's total exports. 8%, increased by 1. 8%; Since China imported 262 Australia. 10 $600 million, and growth. 21 and 4% of Australia's total imports. 2%, reduce 1. 2%. In the year to July, China still is Australia's largest trading partner, while continuing to keep Australia's largest export market and the largest source of imports. Australia is a demand for power, building materials mainly from China, the United States, Canada, Sweden and other countries import; Australia as one of the western developed countries at the same time, due to people's life level is higher, people compare pay attention to the quality of life and family environment, willing to invest in the family is decorated. According to the Australian bureau of statistics data show that Australia each year in the field of household decoration cost up to $810 per capita, China's per capita cost of 31. 2 times; Australia is not of the civil engineering construction projects, including homes, a total investment of more than $11 billion, so the Australian building materials market has huge potential. 1 soft furniture, furniture, household items, such as all kinds of furniture, etc. ; 2, lighting, interior, handicrafts, textiles, metope adornment, interior design, indoor lamps and lanterns, etc; 3, outdoor decoration, window decoration interior decoration articles, etc. ; 4, ground, floor, carpet, plastic ground material, ground parts, the design of ground material design and printing, etc. ; 5, home textiles, window layout, curtains, blinds, curtains and blinds accessories, decorative textiles, home textiles, such as kitchen, bedroom, bath is used to decorate the window decoration textiles, textiles, home decorations, a boutique terminal with vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, outdoor shading devices, etc.
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