In addition to data and player feedback, Blizzard also relies on 'intuition' to maintain game balance

by:Ennas      2021-11-13
Image source: The birth of multiplayer online competitive games on the Internet often has to overcome a lot of difficulties. Among them, the biggest challenge should be how to maintain the balance of this game.   For competitive games, winning or losing is a very normal thing. However, there is still no player willing to experience the feeling of failure, especially when players think that their failure is due to defects or imbalances in the game, they will think that the experience of this game is very poor.     Image source: Internet    Kaplan talked about these three indicators in an interview with foreign media Eurogamer: statistics, player opinions, and designer's feelings and intuition. Developers use these three indicators to strengthen or weaken the hero to maintain the balance of the entire game.   Our approach to the balance game is ‘Triangle Balance’, he explained. One corner refers to statistics, and the other two are the opinions of players and the feelings and intuitions of designers. Sometimes the hero meets these three conditions at the same time, and the designer can easily find the hidden problems.   In addition, there is no precise formula to define balance, so it is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong. The information displayed by the statistics may indicate that there is an error in some aspects, but from the actual situation, this may not be an error. At certain moments, this is more art than science.   Through this system, Blizzard can reduce the chance of balance problems when launching new heroes. In some cases, developers can even be aware of possible problems when redoing the hero.  TAGS: Blizzard competitive game 'Overwatch'
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