In 2019 Beijing wenbo ( Chinese culture exhibition)

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
【 This exhibition. The 2019 Beijing wenbo will feast - Chinese culture Book fair time: May 29-2019 - - - - - - - - - - - - On June 1 point: China international exhibition center ( The old house) China Beijing international cultural creative industry expo ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Wenbo throughout the &; ) — — China Beijing international cultural creative industry expo is approved by the State Council, the ministry of culture, the state administration of radio, press and publication (gapp) and the Beijing municipal government, in collaboration with the Beijing municipal party committee propaganda department and other 26 WeiBanJu, ccpit in Beijing to undertake large-scale international cultural creative industry gathering. Wenbo will be adhering to the internationalization, specialization, marketization, standardization and quality do meeting exhibition concept, fully display the fruitful results of domestic cultural creative industry development, communication in today's world of new theories and views of the development of the cultural creative industries, cultural products, cultural services trading platform, promote cultural creative industry in promoting the industrialization of cultural originality, international investment cooperation and cultural trade plays an important role. Wenbo will be held every year in the second half of the year in Beijing, since founded in 2006, has successfully held the 13th, according to incomplete statistics, before the 13th wenbo public attracted from the United Nations, the European Union, the world intellectual property organization, the international federation of industrial design and so on more than 35 senior officials in international organizations, countries, head of the department in charge of cultural creativity industry and domestic and foreign well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs such as 2950 people were invited to a speech; Nearly 132 countries and regions, more than 380 delegations, 102 delegations from China's 31 provinces participated in the exhibition, BBS summit and promote trade activities of the plates; Signed a cooperation intention, agreement of 1980, the total value of 198. 900 million dollars. The 14th China Beijing international cultural & creative industry expo ndash; — On May 29, 2019 - On June 1, held in Beijing. The 14th wenbo will through the exhibition, theatrical performances, creative activities, promotional activities such as trading and BBS summit, at home and abroad to attract high-end technology and products of cultural creativity, to build a cultural creative industry information exchange, product trade and project cooperation an important platform, for cultural creative product marketization, industrialization and internationalization provide broad space for development; As creative thinking, scientific and technological content, culture creative event in the integration of world culture. 【 Exhibition range 】 International cultural creative industry cluster area 1, culture creative industry cluster area show 2, cultural creative industry base and industrial park show 3, international cultural creative industry to show 4, foreign pavilion
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