In 2018 China 13th Beijing wenbo

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
Between 2018 when Beijing wenbo: on October 25, 2018 - - - - - - - - - - - - On October 28 points: China international exhibition center ( The old house) Culture is the soul of a nation, a nation, along with the socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era of cultural development will also play a more important role. Accelerated convergence in the media and the backdrop of the deepening of economic globalization, how to further excavate the potential of culture industry, to speed up Chinese culture & other; Go out & throughout; Has become the current focus needed to face. China's development speed is faster, but in the process of the development of dump a lot of traditional things, now just more cultural heritage collection in wenbo institutions, compared with global interest in Chinese culture and needs, we are now in the development of cultural resources is not enough. Beijing wenbo to carry forward Chinese excellent culture, to promote China's cultural soft power, boost cultural power construction. The wenbo will be high quality resources, cultural industry at home and abroad were seen along consciously the contemporary value of the Chinese culture and the power of the national culture, a comprehensive display of Chinese cultural creative industry integration, innovation and development of the latest achievements of demonstrative leading cultural creative industry transformation and upgrading. Wenbo will display exhibition: the profound Chinese traditional culture is increasingly activation, to derive new formats; Cultural depth of science and technology integration, & other; Culture + & throughout; Comprehensive innovation and development; The capital culture style unique, the national cultural center construction are flawed; Beijing-tianjin-hebei culture highlights agglomeration, in-depth development and cultural cooperation; In & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; As an opportunity to shift from out to walk into the Chinese culture. Walked into the wenbo exhibition, will be new style and features of Chinese culture creative industry deeply. 【 Exhibition range 】 International cultural creative industry cluster area 1, culture creative industry cluster area show 2, cultural creative industry base and industrial park show 3, international cultural creative industry to show 4, foreign pavilion
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