Imported VS domestic baby strollers? The 2018 Shenzhen Baby and Child Fair will tell you the answer!

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

With my country's economic development and the continuous advancement of the second-child policy, the market for maternal and child products has further expanded. Among them, the baby stroller industry, as an indispensable part of maternal and child products, has a broad market. However, the new generation of parents born in the 80s and 90s has new requirements for baby strollers. In the choice of strollers, they are more inclined to import foreign brands, such as the American brand zooper (Rubao) and the Norwegian brand Stokke. Wait. The latest release of the ``China Baby Stroller Market Research and Investment Strategy Report'' in 2018 shows that from 2012 to 2017, the average annual value-added of China's baby stroller market was 10.2%, and the average annual increase was 13.6%. In 2017, China's baby stroller market Consumption of baby strollers will reach about 17.8 million, of which foreign brands gradually occupy the Chinese market, and nearly half of parents choose to buy imported baby strollers. Take the American brand Rubao as an example. In 2017, the brand's sales in China reached more than 1.2 million units, accounting for 6.47% of my country's baby stroller sales. Why do more Chinese parents choose imported brands? Today's consumers have put forward higher requirements for products, and gradually changed from the original 'usable' to the current 'higher safety, better comfort, better appearance, and more convenient use... 'The manufacturers of foreign brands are good at seizing the market trend, and developing new products with more beautiful and convenient trolleys under the premise of ensuring product quality. The attractiveness of domestic baby strollers is naturally not higher than that of imported brand trolleys. . How can this situation be reversed? We must gain insight into the future development direction of the market, understand consumer demand, and even create demand for consumers. On the premise of ensuring the quality of our own products, we will develop new products that consumers need according to the needs of consumers, and do adequate advertising for new products, so that more people can know and buy our newly launched products. Insight into the market development direction, understanding of consumer needs, and adequate advertising and publicity can all be achieved at the 2018·6th Shenzhen International Maternity, Infant and Child Products Exhibition (MBC China). The exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5th to November 7th, 2018. The scope of exhibits covers maternal and child products, educational toys, teaching aids and souvenirs, food supplements for pregnant and infant children, cosmetics and health products, and pregnancy clothing. , Underwear and accessories, home textiles, baby clothes, children's clothes, strollers, strollers, safety seats, service organizations like early education centers, confinement centers, etc., all you want is here. At the exhibition site, we will prepare a number of summit forums for you. Well-known experts will lead you to interpret the development trend of the industry. The industry leaders will discuss sales secrets with you. We have also prepared a wealth of on-site activities for you to interact in all directions to strengthen your interaction with consumers. Communication with each other. With a richer range of exhibits and higher-quality cooperation opportunities, the 2018·Shenzhen International Maternity and Baby Products Exhibition looks forward to your arrival! To learn more about exhibiting and visiting information, please log on to the official website of Shenzhen International Maternity and Infant Products Exhibition or follow 'Shenzhen Maternity, Infant and Child Exhibition' on WeChat. Exhibitor contact: Mr. Zhang 13661785086 E-mail: Tel: +86-21-51987033 Fax: +86-21-54890578
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