'Import' from the west to his native land 'legend', little snuff bottles all show big qiankun _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: yangzhou national treasures, famous. Snuff bottles, popular in the early years of the qing dynasty, it is said that at that time the scholars are almost every pot. Traced back, snuff bottle is import from the west, it is a national treasure such as yangzhou, becomes famous. Snuff bottles, popular in the early years of the qing dynasty, it is said that at that time the scholars are almost every pot. Traced back, snuff bottle is import from the west, it is how to become a 'product' of the qing dynasty? Today, we will through a snuff bottle of yangzhou museum to learn about. 【 Diameter of wood, show dining style 】 Yangzhou museum announcer Hu Lei introduction, this snuff bottle is qing dynasty boxwood Zhu Zhi works of yangzhou famous sculpture artists, connect body high 6. 8 cm, shoulder width 3. 1. 5 cm, the bottom diameter 7 cm, lid moment is taibai drunk figure for ivory under this key. Ivory spoon handle top, shallow carved an image of the western han dynasty musician Li Yannian a poem: 'the north has beauty, beautiful and independent. One done man city, man done again. I don't know the whole and the pour? The wind difficult again. 'Ivory spoon bottom key term shallow carved a had, and echo of poetry. Snuff bottle pot body engraved with pavilions, mountain water between twelve man, some in playing the piano, some in playing chess, some in fishing, some in the spring, all kinds of forms. Twelve man serenely, every activity. This pot set the relief, deep, shallow carving a variety of carving techniques, such as layout and float through combination, and simplified mirroring, art of using saber is incredible. 【 Superior combination, vientiane qiankun 】 Yangzhou museum care ZhuangZhiJun, director of the introduction, the snuff bottle is two kinds of material's joint effort, and two master's joint effort, very precious. Originally, the pot body part was done by Zhu Zhi, and ivory spoon is made by Zheng Tong, both are yangzhou in the late qing dynasty famous sculpture artists, their works handed down is few, and jointly work is restricted to the pot. ZhuangZhiJun said, pot on the benevolence of the standard, this is the sum of Zhu Zhi Zheng Tong cooperation, elaborate gifts, for the life of the man. Pot body adopts the boxwood wood is hard and close, has 'the gentleman in wood' reputation. History, in yangzhou area, boxwood chosen carving longevity, more flexibly, etc, used for carving are only a few of snuff bottles. While volume according to the newly built jiangdu county 'records, can be on a walnut Zhu Zhi carved seventy-two rhesus monkey, shows its carved work force. Throughout this pot, carved figures, with everything, trees and buildings are fine. Ivory spoon shallow carved calligraphy painting also remarkable: spoon handle the handwriting on the thin like flies, saturated ting jin, concise and elegant, the chambermaid expression distinct and shallow. ZhuangZhiJun said, shallow carving is one of the features of yangzhou, because shallow carving is knife ghost, do the feeling of painting, so pursue shallow carved in yangzhou artisans, they hope to reach the level of literati paintings, it is their pursuit of their production techniques. Snuff bottle, just as its name implies is to snuff vessels. Late Ming dynasty, snuff bottle from Europe into China, sought after by the dignitaries. In qing dynasty reflect the court life such as 'light play figure paintings, exquisite snuff bottle of it' royal temperament 'become desk standard. ZhuangZhiJun said the snuff bottle was introduced into China after mounting, in the end, like choose the wrong thing, snuff bottle has exceeded the value of the snuff, everyone in the contest of snuff bottles work and special. 'Import' from the west to his native land 'legend', snuff bottle collection of painting and calligraphy, sculpture, Mosaic, such as thinking skills, absorbed the advantages of various process.
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