Immigration reports are too negative, Lego company stops sending toys with the report

by:Ennas      2022-01-03
(Original title: Immigration reports are too negative, Lego company stopped sending toys with newspapers)    Danish toy manufacturer Lego said on the 12th that it will no longer give toys to readers who subscribe to the British 'Daily Mail'.  We have ended our agreement with the Daily Mail, and we have no plans to conduct more promotional activities with this newspaper in the future, Lego said in a statement on social media. Reuters reported that a cyber campaign called Stop Funding of Hatred** recently accused the conservative-minded 'SunThe June Brexit referendum incited hatred.   reported that the organizers of this event called on advertisers to stop advertising to the aforementioned British media. In response to the network activity, Lego stopped the promotional activities of giving away toys with the newspaper.   However, Lego did not specify the reason for the suspension of cooperation. A spokesperson for the 'Daily Mail' said that the paper's agreement with Lego is only related to commercial promotion, not advertising.   According to the Associated Press, Lego is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, with over 18,000 employees worldwide. In March of this year, the company said that its 2015 revenue rose 25% to 35.8 billion Danish kroner (about 35.5 billion yuan).   In 2014, Lego stated that it would no longer renew its contract with the oil giant Shell. At that time, the Lego toys sold at European gas stations were all printed with the Shell company's trademark. This move seems to have also been affected by Internet public opinion opposing the exploitation of oil in the Arctic at the time. (Ocean)【Xinhua News Agency Micro Feature】
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