'Immediately' go to Red Goat City, 'immediately rich' is the most popular

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

I wish you 'immediate blessingThe reporter learned yesterday at Yide Road Wholesale Market that this year's 'immediate' theme accessories are popular with the public, and the prices range from a dozen yuan to a few hundred yuan, and they sell well.  Visit   A set of 'getting money right away' dolls cost 400 yuan   As the Lunar New Year is approaching, the Yide Road Toy Wholesale Market has a strong atmosphere for buying new year goods. Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of stores and found that businesses have used the concept of 'immediately' to make money. In a store in the Wanling Wholesale Market, the reporter saw an ornament that 'you will have money right away'. The red horse doll was tied with several hundred yuan bills, and you could see at a glance that the gift-giver’s blessing was 'you have money right away.' . The shop owner said that this doll has a new concept and not many people know it, but customers who have seen it will like it. It is understood that a set of 10 cm to 30 cm, large, medium and small 'getting money' dolls in three sizes is asking for 400 yuan.   At a stall at the entrance of Wanling Plaza, the merchant put up a price list. The size of the horse dolls ranged from 6 inches to 15 inches, and the price ranged from 15 yuan to 68 yuan. People came to choose the goods in an endless stream. In addition to 'getting money right awayA clerk told reporters that this kind of saddle with wish items and words on it sells well. “Most of the young people buy goods. They buy a dozen or so items. Most of them are brought back to their hometowns to sell.” The clerk said that among all wishes, it is best to sell it as “getting money right away”.   However, some savvy citizens have found that it is more cost-effective to buy 'immediate body' accessories online. Take a 32 cm large 'get money right now' doll as an example. The store will cost about 100 yuan, and the online bid will be about 50 yuan. In addition, there are more varieties of 'horse-shaped' ornaments on the Internet. For example, embedding a cabbage on a horse saddle means 'get rich right awayThe wishes of different groups of people.  Voice   Citizens: Sending 'immediate body' ornaments is a good idea.    Regarding 'immediate body' ornaments, many citizens interviewed    expressed their acceptance. 'This is quite innovative. Buy one and put it at home. What you want for the New Year is good intentions.' Citizen Ms. Lu told reporters while picking goods. Xiao Tang, a citizen who intends to give gifts to relatives and friends during the New Year, said that compared to other gifts, 'immediate body' ornaments are relatively cheap. 'I want to express    whatever blessings I choose. For    relatives and friends with special wishes, I can also embroider a line on the saddle, such as    saying'get married right away'.' Xiao Tang said with a smile. To this end, he bought 10    'right-on body' dolls to take home.  Expert: 'Immediate body' reflects urban people's anxiety.   'Immediately' means to act quickly. What kind of mentality is behind the popularity? Wang Feixue, associate professor of the Department of Psychology at Sun Yat-sen University, analyzed that the popularity of 'horse-body' and 'horse-body' decorations is due to the widespread anxiety and tension in the current society. 'The fascination with objects and numbers is very common. This is because people have a limited understanding of the world. They often like to associate certain words and ornaments with certain desires and imagine them as inevitable connections. This can relieve their inner anxiety. 'Wang Feixue believes that this is a kind of superstition, but it will not have too many negative effects. In addition, this is also a manifestation of people's lack of faith, and has a certain positive effect on relieving tension and anxiety.
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