Imitation guns are sold at the entrance of the school, and the relevant departments should cure them from the source

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

In mid-February, reporters visited Lianyuan and Loudi urban areas and found that some stationery and toy stores outside the school openly sold simulated toy BB bullet guns without manufacturer information. The so-called BB bullet refers to the bullet used for the firing of the air gun. On February 15th, a small platinum reporter diagonally across from Xiangmei School in Lianyuan City picked up a BB pistol with a model of Yellow River M303. The description of the package is only in traditional characters and English, and there is no information from the manufacturer. A line in traditional characters prompting 'please don't forget, people who don't know will think this is a real gun' appropriately summarizes the characteristics of this gun simulation. 'What kind of guns can children of six or seven years old play with' the reporter asked.  'You can play all the guns here.' The boss replied.   The reporter looked at several guns at random, and the packaging had words suitable for adults over 18 years of age.   At the entrance of Lianyuan No.2, the toy guns of the Little Doctor’s stationery shop are at the door. There are many styles of guns, from the Yellow River series to the AK47, etc., and the guns have their own models. These guns have a range of more than 20 meters and fire a plastic marble called BB. In this store, the reporter also saw two metal BB high-simulation pistols, each weighing 0.25 kg. At the gates of two other primary schools in Lianyuan City, shops selling BB guns can also be found.   After school on the afternoon of February 17, the reporter came to a small town in Loudi. Four toy and stationery stores had toy guns for BB bullets. The owner of Chaomei Stationery Store told reporters that the winter vacation was over and they were about to put away their toy guns. In the mini toy store, the owner sold a BB gun with a length of about 50 cm to a boy in school uniform. The boy told reporters that he was 12 years old and that guns were not allowed in school, he only played at home. There are also a variety of BB toy pistols for sale in 3 toy stores near Loudi No. 3 Small.   During the interview for several days, the reporter did not see a BB gun with manufacturer information. These BB toy guns use the principle that air guns are powered by compressed gas, imitating the appearance of all kinds of real guns, and the round plastic bullets that can be shot are enough to cause injuries at close range.   In two toy stores in a shopping mall in Loudi, each toy gun has manufacturer information and product certification on its packaging. All toy guns cannot shoot BB bullets, only one can shoot non-lethal soft bullets. A shopkeeper told reporters that the mall is a regular toy store, and BB bullet guns are not allowed to be put on the shelves. According to my country’s Product Quality Law, the product or its packaging must have the product name, manufacturer’s name, and factory address in Chinese. According to Article 44 of the Firearms Management Law of our country, anyone who violates the manufacture and sale of imitation guns shall be confiscated by the public security organs and the administrative department for industry and commerce according to their respective scope of duties. In serious cases, the business license shall be revoked by the administrative department for industry and commerce.   On the afternoon of February 19, the reporter reported the relevant situation to the Loudi City Administration for Industry and Commerce. On the afternoon of the 20th, Wu Ting, the person in charge of the Office of the Administration for Industry and Commerce, called again to tell reporters that the Municipal Bureau had issued a notice to its subordinate bureaus, requesting to investigate and deal with the “three no” products including BB bullet guns around the school. Zeng Feng of the Political Department of Loudi Public Security Bureau told reporters that for the sale of BB imitation guns, the public security department can file a case for investigation. ■Interview notes The problem of 'three nos' BB bomb simulation guns has appeared in public view for the first time, and now it still appears at the school gates. In addition to cracking down in the circulation and sales links, it finds out the manufacturer behind and deals with it from the source. , Should be a permanent solution.
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