If I can make it transparent resin material handicraft

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
Resin handicraft in life there are many kinds of type, most of the time, we've seen imitation wood, paint, resin handicraft of silver or gold plated, but made of transparent resin handicraft rarely understand ordinary people. Resin material, handicraft and toy actually because of its high degree of finish, corrosion, modelling diversity, etc is very popular in the market, and the resin itself is transparent, so used for transparent handicraft is also very appropriate. As the transparent crystal swans, extreme beauty both in gloss and colour. Resin handicraft production of transparent process is also very exquisite. Resin to curing after, need to wait until after curing to a certain extent can be removed from the mold. In addition, transparent resin curing time need according to the actual situation of product control. Body surface treatment and polishing is a critical process of transparent resin process. After removed from the mold products, need to wait for the fully cured, then clean with alkaline water to clean the surface dirt and alkali. Take out, after polishing the entire product surface with fine mesh paper. Molding line need to be handled with care, the product surface must be smooth. Finally, the light machine to product surface polishing. In the product surface coating varnish. Spray gun in the product surface coating a layer of varnish ( Can use a light varnish or light golden oil) 。 Paint cured completely, to check whether there is any product ideas. Have you considered the place need to be redesigned. After check the problem, you can enter the assembly and packing process.
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