Identify the white jade of _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-21
Core tip: how to appreciate white jade? From four aspects: see material pledge in the Ming and qing dynasties, people say white jade, only refers to the xinjiang hotan white jade; Now, people see jade white jade except xinjiang hotan appreciation white jade? From four aspects: see material pledge in the Ming and qing dynasties, people say white jade, only refers to the xinjiang hotan white jade; Now, people see jade white jade besides xinjiang hetian jade, and new mountain jade, white jade, dushan jade, white jade in qinghai and South Korea, Russia, white jade, etc. Hetian jade, also known as nephrite hornblende class. Under a microscope, a fiber is mixed crystal structure and hardness of 6-6. 5. Hetian jade has a variety of colors, with white jade is the most precious. Seeds in the hotan white jade, jade, jade mountain flowing water ( The gobi desert or the jade, jade new mine) And mountain jade ( Hill yield jade) The points. Seeds of suet white jade, jade 'body such as grease, cleaners in blue moist texture, fine clean, almost invisible to the naked eye crystalloblastic fiber interweave, white cut fat, such as its characteristics for' white, transparent, thin, embellish, is the best in the jade. Hill makings as seed jade jade jade, with its color, and relatively dry, some still appear crack. Good jade hill makings also have to everything is nothing. But as white as the little fat. Russia jade, white jade in qinghai has been appeared in the international market in recent years, its colour and lustre is similar to the xinjiang jade, but owe wen run, for lights on the sidelines, thick loose, general structure and glass. Good Russia jade, high whiteness, slightly fat, find favor with the collector. South Korea's white jade, the color white, for light, watching, visible impurities of these structures also relatively coarse loose. Select xinjiang hotan white jade, in addition to color, also note any flaws. At the same time, still need to pay attention to it though. Some hetian jade has a 'osmanthus skin', 'jujube red one', 'autumn pear skin' and 'crow leather, etc. This is also an essential feature of hetian jade. Production of jade, qiao color carvings, its artistic value will be improved to a great extent, collectors can also add an interest. Depending on the shape the finest diamond must be cut abrasive. Each piece of jade has its shape. When the choice, should pay attention to its shape like, nothing completely, the presence of art taste. The more good jade expected, the shape is fine, the higher the value. And some jades are incomplete, cracks, have a plenty of raw materials, have a plenty of people after the collision damage. Bian decorative peja jade, people are very focus on grain. Because the grain is has its specific meaning, or upon or ward off evil spirits, or blessing, or birthday, or the elegant flavor of literati, or how great your, or small and exquisite, all should be clearly shown. Agent to work in the industry calls' work '. 'workers' namely carving process. Choose jade, 'work is very important. 'work', refers to the degree of carving techniques reached perfection, artistic originality can better express from the works. Character, animal image vivid, smooth lines; 'workers' poor, grain modelling are unsatisfactory, is not desirable. Hetian jade, there are nearly 8000 years of history in China. It, discusses the history of Chinese society, the understanding of Chinese traditional culture has a profound, has a wealth of historical and cultural value. Modern jade works, inherited the traditional Chinese jade culture, like 'fortune in both', 'live sanduo' and 'kirin SongZi' traditional jade carving decoration is still popular people's favorite; On carving craft skills continuously innovation and development, the unity of both figures, flowers and birds, animals, etc. , all show exquisite modern technology. Xinjiang hotan white jade from shells era of mining for a long time, production is more and more low, the price is soaring, especially the suet white jade, because of its scarcity and non-renewable resources become a belly, its value will be immeasurably in the near future.
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