Hyundai mini 45 electric car, a cool children's toy driven by AI

by:Ennas      2022-02-02
Hyundai Motor revealed the details of a small electric car called Mini 45, which is equipped with Emotional Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology. The technology is based on artificial intelligence and optimizes the vehicle environment based on the driver's emotions. This small electric car is designed as a children's toy and supports the treatment of children at the Sant Joan Deu Hospital in Barcelona through the'Little Big e-Motion' project. EAVC can optimize the vehicle environment based on information inside and outside the vehicle. As part of an academic research collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, Hyundai is developing this technology. EAVC can monitor facial expressions, heart rate, and breathing rate, and combine the readings with vehicle input, including speed, acceleration, noise, and vibration. Then use AI technology to process these data to optimize the vehicle environment and actively control vehicle systems, including lighting, climate, music, and fragrance distributors. This technology is the core of Little Big e-Motion. This electric car is used in hospitals to support the movement of young patients from the bed to the treatment room. This trip is considered to be one of the most stressful trips for children. Hyundai Motor released a video about the use of mini-electric cars to help a little girl who is worried about receiving treatment reduce stress. The car uses a facial emotion recognition system to interact with the driver, which uses a camera in front of the seat to recognize emotions in real time. The breathing exercise belt is wrapped around the body, and the airbag can exert pressure, relieve anxiety and make breathing more stable. Heart rate monitoring sensors and accelerometers can measure the heart rate and breathing rate of passengers. The emotional adaptive lighting displays green, yellow, and red, and the child's emotional state is displayed in color. The emotional self-adaptive fragrance dispenser will spray fragrance regularly with the breath to help children smile, and this electric car can also blow bubbles to entertain children.
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