Hundred Yen Shop: Survival depends on the masses

by:Ennas      2021-11-25

According to the Spanish 'European News' report, looking back on the past Christmas and New Year, Mr. Li, a Chinese 100-yuan shop owner, said, 'This year's business is basically the same as last year. The overall sales of Christmas goods are not very good, and the shipments are the largest. There are still some small ornaments for decoration. Gather the sand into a tower. No matter how poor the Spaniards are, you still have to experience the festive atmosphere at the biggest festival throughout the year, and you will buy some small things to decorate your home.' Mr. Li believes that the survival of the 100 yuan store depends on it. Based on the masses, insisting on taking the mass line is the only principle. The main purchase should still be considered for the daily needs of the surrounding residents. It is the kingly way to have a hundred yuan of goods. For merchants, only if this is achieved, can the holiday hot season be the icing on the cake. In addition, based on his own experience, Mr. Li provided a tip to make money worthy of reference. According to Mr. Li, the children’s toys in his store have been selling well in the past three months, especially the small dolls made of plastic and rubber, including Pokemon, Disney and other cartoon characters. Children’s favorites are shipped almost every day. These small toys are purchased from wholesalers in the warehouse area. The purchase price is about 2 euros and the selling price is 3 to 4 euros.   In addition, plush toys are also a better-selling product, but because of the health and safety issues of children, there may be certain risks if they encounter government supervision.
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