Hubei figurine art retrospect and prospect province museum of famous works

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: Tian Xi works 'my sassy girl - — Repair 'almost as real as news of network of chaste tree hunan ( Mr Han correspondent FuJian, housekeeper) Today ( 21) At 10:30 a. m. By the hubei province art works Tian Xi l - — Repair 'almost as real as news of network of chaste tree hunan ( Mr Han correspondent FuJian, housekeeper) Today ( 21) At 10:30 a. m. Small statue committee by the art museum, hubei province, hubei province artist association, hubei academy of fine arts figurines, in collaboration with the creative research of hubei province MeiShuYuan figurine retrospect and prospect '- — Hubei figurine art exhibition 'in the grand opening of hubei province museum of art. The exhibition on the first day, nearly thousand spectators in hubei province is revealed to close small statue charm of famous works. The exhibition by the dean of the shenzhen figurines zheng-hua sun academic chair, the hubei art museum curator as art director, in fu curator human figurines of hubei academy of fine arts dean xu jin guo, hubei MeiShuYuan figurines creation research director lee three han, and hubei province museum of art planning department, director of the snow wave. Fu at the curator for the exhibition in a speech. Small statue, he said, as an important form of visual plastic arts, from concept to the expression techniques, have undergone a gradual change. Hubei as a big province of artistic creation, figurine art occupies an important position, with the development of the era and the emergence of various new forms, new generation generation after generation of hubei artists, created a large number of social impact and academic value of small sculpture. The exhibition to the history of development, from hubei figurine highlights China figurine features of hubei province, and at the same time, there must have been some progress in constantly clear own positioning and future development of hubei figurines. Sincerely hope that, through this batch of works, the attention to hubei figurines. Hubei province museum of art at the curator in the fu fu addressed looked as the exhibition curator, hubei academy of fine arts of the figurines department item xu jin guo express to the reporter hubei figurine artist expectations for the future. , he thought, as a regional art museum, museum of hubei province to hubei regional art of carding and research, the host 'review and outlook - - - - - - - Hubei figurine art ', in retrospect of history since the founding of the hubei figurine at the same time, makes every effort to present the current hubei small statue of the creation of the status quo, in order to seek more infinite possibility in the development of hubei small statues in the future. Exhibition exhibition, a total of more than 70 artists including both of the older figurines of hubei province, this also has a peak of middle-aged and young artists in the creation, more school of new generation; . Their works, or stick to traditional style; Or the pursuit of conception innovation; Or emphasize generalizations; Or attention to detail, all show the diversity and richness of hubei figurine art. In the future, hubei figurines, the road of art will be more open and bright. The relevant person in charge of hubei province museum of art also introduces to the reporter, the exhibition, in an effort to present Chinese figurines of hubei characteristics at the same time, also hope that more people's attention in the figurines of hubei province. In addition, the hubei province museum of art and look forward to will be the 'review and prospect of a series, so the study of hubei regional art will involve more categories. Figurines of hubei academy of fine arts department item addressed xu jin guo guests present to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony Wang Wanxi Guo Honglin 'flame' writings 'shake' Wang Yufeng series 'son Ya, girl Ya' wang works 'heaven bathroom' serious 'the nightmare' Liu Zhengde works 'elephant' was the wuhan citizens know exhibition hall of shi works 'heavenly harmony' lino 'my condition' what works 'young I'
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