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by:Ennas      2020-06-02
Core tip: abstract: cass corvino & # 183; Stone brick XiangJi masters hand in hand, the world's most stone brick production base, is committed to explore a person of extraordinary powers curtilage material selection as well as future development direction of the stone brick. Guest: hunan feed: cass corvino & # 183; Stone brick XiangJi masters hand in hand, the world's most stone brick production base, is committed to explore a person of extraordinary powers curtilage material selection as well as future development direction of the stone brick. Guests: director of hunan ishwara decoration design engineering co. , LTD. Huang hh time: 2014 - 8 - 14 location: cass corvino stone brick gallery' Sohu focus household 】 : what are you doing in the process of the design what you value the most? 【 Huang hh. : in fact when doing design, we cultured is to communicate with the customer, this is very important, we do any design, whether private owners or business owners of the project, should be good communication, to better understand the project understand requirements. We pay attention to the project purpose, we make the space, what do you use for the audience who's body, a bit like Chinese medicine pulse. 【 Sohu focus household 】 : I hope to own design provides consumers with a what experience or experience? 【 Huang hh. Is to give them a dream: actually, we build a dream, make they had hoped, or is the ideal dream, so we are dreaming. 【 Sohu focus household 】 : visit from your design office in xiamen, changsha, and the design of xiamen, both have what different? 【 Huang hh. Feeling: in fact, we design relative to the coast, in hunan province including 3 design office, we are still far gap, coastal cities have very mature design management system, has a very large library material foundation, this is we need to learn. Hunan is a civilized ancient city of culture in one thousand, a legacy of culture is very thick, should be better than the coastal, but we as the mainland, in contact with the design thinking and design of the use of raw materials base in hunan, so we feel or away from the coastal cities have a certain gap, especially it also has a gap from each accomplishment. 【 Sohu focus household 】 : you start your own business in 2000, now many interior designers also wonder if we can venture open studio, do you have any experience to the young designers? 【 Huang hh. : in 2000, is an opportunity, because housing rapid development at that time, began to have the concept of home decoration, we are developed on the platform, between domestic outfit today also into the commercial design, we also is to have a good foundation through 10 years of development to reach this size. Now many designers from school would like to open his own studio, I feel a little bit to weigh myself, need to deposit, you must first have proficient skills and unique creative thinking, rather than a school that, you want to accumulate rich experience in society, you fell down climb up again, so that growth is faster and faster, the studio can do the one they are interested in, so I suggest young designers can learn more to first-line brand company, this is the most critical. 【 Sohu focus household 】 Two words: to design, how do you interpret? 【 Huang hh. : I think the design is actually a housekeeper, management, I in the organization of different materials, the use of different space and light, texture of things together, need to be very clear management ability, rather than the creation of powerful and unconstrained style, creation is a kind of creative, but not on behalf of the design, the design is to have a point, not virtual, is not pompous. 【 Sohu focus household 】 : miss huang in your design work, the natural material use? 【 Huang hh. : recently is just one project with cass stone brick, I feel really good space works, stone material is definitely one of the preferred material, you see in the world of milan, Rome, and so on all of them are with stones, can spread thousands of years, Chinese civil structure, earthquake shake may be all gone, so the affirmation of the permanent or stone, and the mechanism and the expression of natural stone texture is other materials cannot be copied. 【 Sohu focus household 】 : the market there are some natural stone material has radiation's point of view, what do you think of this problem? 【 Huang hh. : almost 100 customers will make 100 times the same question. This is very good explanation, you see the italians, hundreds of years of life, they all live in the stone house, which one do you think of their life is bad? No, deep exploitation color heavy stone might contain some minerals, even a little bit radiation sources, most of the stone on the market are controlled range of building materials in the country. 【 Sohu focus household 】 : today, after visiting our Mr. Stone brick production workshop and the exhibition hall, what kind of impression do you have? 【 Huang hh. : an enterprise conscientiously, so for each production line to achieve detail of product, this is the biggest impression on me. Mentality which I study to the enterprise is holding the sincere appreciate it, especially the cass of the exhibition hall, all the way to go is in the process of appreciation, look at its craft, stone material itself is very simple, technology is the core value of it. 【 Sohu focus household 】 : your cass corvino stone brick for us what kind of remarks and Suggestions do you have? 【 Huang hh. : as a leader in this category, I hope Mr. Stone brick continue to provide good environmental protection product, stone material is limited, and non-renewable, unlike wood is a renewable, choose stone brick is one of the best advocate for environmental protection. 【 Sohu focus household 】 Remarks: right, thank you miss huang.
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