Huaiyang clay sculpture _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core clew: overview: huaiyang clay sculpture mud mud dog huaiyang henan folk clay sculpture art. Huaiyang ancient for Chen, the legend is in ancient fuxi and nuwa, and nuwa with mud made man. Overview: so far in huaiyin huaiyang clay sculpture mud mud dog huaiyang henan folk clay sculpture art. Huaiyang ancient for Chen, the legend is in ancient fuxi and nuwa, and nuwa with mud made man. In the huaiyin clay sculpture still visible as a 'human face' monkey. There is a too HaoLing, north huaiyang too HaoLing temple fair held on the folk lunar calendar. Huaiyang clay sculpture is striking art on temple fair. People will be as the monarch of fierce, najib's mascot. Mud mud dog is featured a in huaiyang clay sculpture, other 'straw hat tiger', 'hedgehog dovetail', 'four elephants', 'dove' crooked mouth, 'guy even fish', 'monkey riding a cat', etc. , its modelling is much like magic. Now huaiyang county northeast Jin Zhuang, ShengZhuang, Chen buildings, such as villages, there are still a lot of clay sculpture artists are doing. The history of the huaiyang clay mud dog, huaiyang, called Chen Zhou, is first of 'existence' in Chinese history legend - — Fu celebrates its place. North huaiyang 'too HaoLing', commonly known as 'temple'. 'Taihao' to describe the fu like the sun light, to praise him at the beginning of the life eat birds and animals raw, leisure 'for recticulum, with enclosures with fish, make Shan civil; Raising animals, holy DE by filling kitchen '( The survey evaluation to taeho bokhi article ') 。 Too HaoLing temple, 'people' is the original theme of sacrifice ancestors fuxi and nuwa, children in order to breed. So, still retains the pimitive ancient relic of reproduction worship, such as celebration of fuxi and nuwa 'taking trace dance', the reappearance of ancient reproduction worship legacy ', hole ', 'offer the flagpole,' 'doll' tied to lower vulva symbol and a variety of animals, etc. , shows the human life consciousness and the eternal theme of racial numerous delay. Huaiyang clay mud 'dog', accompanied with religious rituals and ancient folk custom and birth, and until now. Mud mud dog, also called 'ling', in huaiyang, people call it 'mud' dog. In ancient times, 'child' for more names. Someone put mud mud dogs as a toy, but with the deepening of the research, now no matter from its usefulness, or for its artistic grade show, avoiding the use of its real value and aesthetic value are biased. Despite the miniature xiaoyan, such as small sweet turtle was selling and children, but that was as a protector and feed the children, and it is his godson chi Ming si yuan promotions. The kinds of huaiyang clay mud dog, 'mud mud dog' is the floorboard of the huaiyang clay toys. 'Mud mud dog' also called 'ling', locals say it is for fuxi and nuwa ShouLing temple 'god dog'. Huaiyang clay mud 'dog' shape like, bizarre, colour is gorgeous, with black bottom, the whole body with colorful decorations. About hundreds of varieties, more surprise poultry animals or people, animal parts, such as 'monkey', 'the beast', 'hedgehog yan', 'hubei', 'dog head', 'a two-headed dog', 'bull' and so on. Among them, 'monkey' image is seen as a 'human face' monkey, its modelling is solemn, sacred, no general toy animals in monkeys naughty expression. Huaiyang clay mud dog, artistic charm 'mud mud dog' in the modelling of birds monster, beyond the natural form of reality, artists with intuitive feel. Those with representation of female reproductive worship in decorative symbols, along with the artist instincts, draw in fantasy, and the mystery of the strange shape, release the charm of a primitive totem art, make the old clay sculpture art has strong visual impact and modern. Make a person as if returned to the chaotic open throughout The Times. Huaiyang clay mud 'dog' of the existence of art, the essence is a kind of primitive art continue and expand. As a kind of very typical of the folk culture of the Chinese nation, rare folk art, it truly record the trajectory of the development of human culture, and reflects the isomorphism between folk art and the primitive art mutual permeability of blood relationship. Huaiyang clay dogs process characteristics of mud mud mud, is to use cement ( The loess plateau in the similar clay) Molded into the system, the whole body dyed black bottom, and then use bright red, yellow, white, green, pink colored dotted by circular arc curve, straight lines and dots all sorts of design, line is plain and vivid, colorful and do not break composed. Mud mud dog modelling of primitive simplicity is thick, shape strange strange, its subjects cover birds, animals, fish, insects, and figures, a wide world out there, all filled with a kind of illusory detachment mystery, send out a strong local and wild fragrant smell. Mud mud dogs are holes can be blown, distant and bright sound. Postscript: modern antiquities in January 1983, the national art museum of China's 'the henan province folk art exhibition,' mud mud dog a appearance has attracted the attention of the experts and scholars, given the extremely high opinion, 'totem', a 'living fossil', 'modern antiquities' reputation spread. To huaiyang clay mud dog those endless stream investigation, field trips, and artists to learn from the old folk artist, absorbing mud mud dog technique of expression, to create a new small sculpture works of art. Now, mud mud dog not only become the choose and buy, gift and collection of treasures, but also for research has a totem worship of primitive society, human amorous feelings of living conditions, customs and the society has very important academic value. Folk art is the clay mud dog in the garden with ancient life gene in the evergreen, may it can give a contact or seen it bring happiness auspicious, also wish everyone can enjoy it.
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