How to make gifts easier when the budget is limited?

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

It's not difficult to give gifts to be tasteful. What needs to be remembered are the two main points of luxury and practicality. However, if your gift-giving budget is limited, don't be greedy for both 'expensive' and practical, but choose one of 'expensive' and practical. 'Prestigious' means insisting on buying well-known famous brands, instead of buying so-called counterfeit brands or so-called famous brand products that are marked as World Famous Brands or Chinese Famous Brands in advertisements. You must know that real famous brands never claim to be the world. Or Chinese famous brand.    For example, you can buy a bottle of Chivas Regal 12-year-old whisky for only 200 yuan, even people who do not drink will feel that it is expensive; a bottle of Billy liqueur is only 100 yuan, give it away It is elegant for both men and women and must be popular. 'Practical and practical' refers to what kind of gifts are given according to the hobbies or needs of the recipient. Sending targeted and practical gifts in a pragmatic way is sure to be welcomed by the recipients, and it is much easier and simpler. But what needs to be remembered is that since you have chosen practical”, you don’t need to covet gorgeous packaging. The most important thing is to make the recipient feel beneficial and real.   Conservative and not making mistakes. Your taste, it’s best to choose to avoid gifts that involve differences in taste, such as red wine, fashion, fashion trends, etc.    These gifts may be different from the giver because of everyone’s awareness of different brands, different styles and trends. There are differences in taste. Don’t look at the values u200bu200bof the recipients with your own values u200bu200babout trends, and rather give conservative traditional gifts to make no mistakes.    Luxury packaged goods that do not require luxurious packaging are generally low cost-effective products, rarely Famous brands need ultra-luxury packaging, and exquisite packaging is enough; general ultra-luxury packaging is that the product itself is not quite attractive and relies on packaging gift boxes and bundling other goods to attract people.    Therefore, don’t believe in super gift boxes. Packaging. For the recipient, receiving a gift whose packaging is more gorgeous and noble than the packaged gift' is a ridiculous thing. Cheap famous brands are better than expensive unknown brands. It is not that expensive goods are expensive. Unknown brands create expensive gift boxes through luxurious and beautiful packaging and bundling other gifts. Fudge, even if it is a cheaper product, as long as it is a well-known brand, it is actually more reliable, and gift giving will never make mistakes.   Cost-effectiveness is more important   Brand-name products generally do not easily increase their prices due to festivals or packaging changes. In fact, most brand-name products have not increased their previous sales prices while launching gift box packaging on festivals. On the contrary, many non-brand-name products use festivals to launch luxury gift boxes and bundle other gifts and increase their prices. For example, a bottle of famous wine usually sells for 400 yuan, but the price of a gift box is not changed on festivals, while a bottle of unknown wine is likely to be sold in a luxury gift box for 250 yuan, which seems to be cheaper than famous wine, in fact, the unknown one. The wine usually sells for only 100 yuan. Therefore, the price-performance ratio can be seen at a glance. Although buying a famous wine is a bit more expensive, it is actually more cost-effective.
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