How to make a metal sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-22
Metal sculpture is one of the most popular handicrafts in modern times. It is made through the processes of impression, filling, trimming, shaping and forming. The finished handicrafts show beauty, flexibility, and freshness in different aspects. It gives people a refreshing feeling, but for this kind of handicraft, it must be maintained frequently in the later stage to ensure its perfect appearance. Let’s take a closer look at the following: how to make a metal sculpture. First, make a clay sculpture. Turn over the female mold on the finished clay sculpture. The female mold requires a certain thickness of the material for the mold making process, and then it is formed with a wooden beam on the outside. The uniform contact surface is to remove the mud blank in the female mold, and then use the filler to trim the mold, and finally cut the surface of various shapes with copper or stainless steel material, and directly beat the mold on the female mold. The copper plate and stainless steel plate must be supported by steel bars. Since forging is mainly made by pure handwork, the producer can make full use of the extensibility of the metal material in the process of forging and hammering, and flexibly exert the ability of artistic creation, so that the plate has a unique texture effect, thereby adding handwork. The simplicity of the hammering produces a heavy beauty.  The technique of forging craftsmanship represents a complementary artistic style formed by the artistic achievements of people's manual labor in the modern industrialized society and the mechanized beauty of the previous industrial age. How to maintain and repair metal sculptures    1. Be careful not to wipe it with a wet cloth or any corrosive chemical liquid. 2. If there are stains or dust on the surface of the metal sculpture, you can use a special soft brush or a soft dry cloth to wipe carefully to avoid corrosion of the metal surface by moisture or chemical reagents;    3. Pay attention to the metal The temperature of the air in which the sculptures are stored. Because the temperature is too low or too high, the metal sculptures will be damaged by chemical reactions. It is recommended to store metal sculptures. The best air temperature is between ten degrees and thirty degrees.  4. Damage to metal sculptures is generally due to two reasons. One is metal corrosion damage due to improper maintenance; the other is man-made damage. Different correct repair methods should be used for sculpture damage caused by different reasons.   5. For the damage of sculptures caused by maintenance, simple metal knives can be used to repair, polish and touch up paint. In this process, care should be taken not to damage the overall image of the original sculptures, as long as a small range of repairs is enough.
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