How to let the welfare gifts pass on the good wishes of the enterprise?

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

Gift companies must understand how to give gifts and recommend products appropriately. They must not only understand the context of market development, customer characteristics, learn from successful methods, and more importantly, cultivate their own internal skills. Let us take a look at a few rules for gift companies to improve their ability to recommend gifts:    First of all, have sufficient knowledge of the product and the market. In the bidding process, the accumulated knowledge of product characteristics and market characteristics will be transformed into a market idea, and the right medicine will help companies find suitable welfare gifts.    Although the welfare gift project is regarded as a link between the company and its employees, In actual operation, there were many failures. The company spent money and thought, but failed to achieve the expected purpose and obtain the recognition of employees. The frequent occurrence of this phenomenon illustrates two problems: 1. The information on the demand for welfare gifts between enterprises and employees is not connected; 2. The gift demand guidance of gift companies has great deficiencies. Many companies have fallen into a misunderstanding when purchasing welfare gifts—thinking welfare gifts as an additional gift to employees,' while ignoring the role of the emotional carrier of welfare gifts. Companies operate welfare gifts projects with a “charitable and perfunctory” attitude. The gift company followed this line of thinking to recommend gifts. As a result, employees unceremoniously shelved the gifts they received,' and their impression of welfare gifts and the company was greatly reduced. This phenomenon is not only the mistake of the enterprise, but also the negligence of the gift company.  Professional gift companies should help companies clarify their thinking at the beginning, make them aware of the meaning of welfare gifts, and guide them to understand what kind of welfare gifts can convey the company's care for employees? What kind of welfare gifts can more gain the hearts of employees.'
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