how to glue resin figurine

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How to Glue Resin Figurines: A Guide to Properly Attach and Repair Your Figurines

Resin figures are a popular choice for collectors and hobbyists alike. The delicate nature of these figures mean that they can sometimes break or separate, but there is hope for repair. Here is a guide to properly glue resin figures.

1. Preparing Your Workspace

Before you start gluing your resin figurine, it is important to prepare your workspace. Lay out all the materials you will need including the glue, the figurine pieces, gloves, and a clean towel or cloth. Make sure you have proper ventilation as some adhesives can emit strong odors.

2. Choosing the Right Glue

When it comes to glue, there are several options available on the market. However, not all adhesives are appropriate for use when repairing figures. Avoid using superglue, hot glue or transparent tape as these adhesives will not form a strong bond and co uld damage the figurine.

Instead, opt for a clear-drying adhesive like epoxy resin glue or cyanoacrylate adhesive. These provide a strong bond and are ideal for repairing and attaching both large and small resin figurines.

3. Applying the Glue

When applying glue to your figure, be careful not to use too much. Start by applying a small, pea-sized amount of glue onto one of the surfaces you intend to attach.

Hold the pieces together for several seconds to give the glue time to bond. For broken pieces, apply glue onto the edges that need to be rejoined and press them together firmly.

4. Filling Gaps

If there are any gaps that are visible between the pieces being joined, use a small brush to apply a layer of glue over the top. Once again, avoid using too much glue as it can result in unsightly drips or runs.

5. Allow Time for the Glue to Dry

Once glued, do not immediately touch the resin figurine or move it around. Allow time for the glue to dry completely before handling it again. Depending on the brand of glue used, drying time may vary, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.


Whether you're collecting resin figurines or creating your own, accidents can happen. But with proper care and attention, it is possible to repair and reattach broken pieces. Follow the guide above to ensure that your figurines are properly fixed and ready to be displayed .

Remember to always handle your figurines with care and keep them out of direct sunlight or heat sources to preserve their quality. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your beautiful resin figurines for many years to come.

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